7 New Cool Android Apps Of This Month.

Hello, guys. In this article, I will show you the 7 New Cool Android Apps Of This Month that you quickly download on smartphones. This app is more beneficial for all regular users. Hope you like it. So please don’t waste time. Let’s go off the topic.

1. Status Saver.

7 New Cool Android Apps Of This Month

The Status Saver is a status-saving app. In the app, you can save your friend status like pictures, media, and page posts.

It is so simple to use. When you open the app, you have to see the two portions: the media portion and the pictures portion.

In this portion. You have to see all your friend status pictures. Then select the pictures you like and click the three lines option. There are four types of options.

  • Set Status
  • Save Status
  • Share
  • Delete

All the features are applied only to regular Whatsapp. But if you have a different Whatsapp like the GB Whatsapp.

In the app, tap the three-line option on the top of the corner and then select the Gb Whatsapp option. Then, you save media and pictures or post pages quickly with the help of Status Saver.

The app size is too small, but the app is more beneficial for you. I hope you like the app and its functions.

2. Zedge.

7 New Cool Android Apps Of This Month

The phone system wallpaper is decent when you applied on your phone screen, but a few months later, you have bored with your phone with old wallpaper.

So I have to show you the best app for you is the Zedge app. There are a lot of wallpapers and video wallpapers from different categories.

The wallpaper quality is super HD when you download it and is so easy to use. Moreover, there is a ringtone option and also a notification sounds option.

There are so many ringtones and notification sounds you can select the ringtone you like and quickly set it as your phone ringtone.

You can select the ringtone you like and set it to your phone. It is so an interesting app hope you like it.

3. Fastvid.

7 New Cool Android Apps Of This Month

These days everybody has a Facebook app on their smartphones. And people like to see videos on Facebook.

But they thought about how we can download this video on our smartphones because Facebook has never allowed it.

So Fastvid is an app that lets you easily download your Facebook videos to your mobile phones. This app is so easy to use.

First, download the app and allow us permission and terms and conditions. There are three ways to download Facebook videos.

  • Open the Facebook app and select your video. Click on the share button to see the fasted app icon. Click this app. It will take some seconds and suggest you a video quality like 360. 720 or HD. It depends on your video quality. After that, select the quality and automatically download your video.
  • Open the Facebook app, select a video, copy your video link, and then go to the fast vid app to see the option past the URL. Then you paste the URL, and your video is shown. Select the quality and download it.
  • The third option is to open the fast vid app, add it to your Facebook app, select your video, and then instantly download the video.

4. INS Downloader.

In this app, you can easily download your Instagram videos. How to use and download the video? Open the app and allow permission management.

Then open the Instagram app and select your video, then click the three dots option and select the copy link of your video.

Open the INS Downloader paste the link, download your video, and easily save it to your gallery. The app size is too small and handy to use.


  • Instagram media downloads: Save photos and videos from Instagram to your device’s gallery.
  • Easy-to-use interface: Simple and user-friendly design for effortless navigation and downloading.
  • High-quality content: Download media in its original resolution for clear and visually appealing files.
  • Batch downloads: Download multiple photos and videos simultaneously, saving time and effort.
  • Instagram Stories saving: Preserve and access Instagram Stories from other users.
  • IGTV video downloads: Save and watch IGTV videos offline at your convenience.
  • Quick sharing options: Share downloaded content directly with friends or other social media platforms.

5. Shake-it Alarm.

If you say why you add this app all people’s smartphone has an alarm option. But the phone alarm has a specific option set the alarm and ring for 5 minutes.

But the Shake It alarm has more interesting than a standard phone alarm. In this app, you can set your alarm and different tasks like shaking your phone until filling the yellow line and setting the bar Easy, Normal, or Hard.

And many more tasks are available on this app. If you sleep and don’t wake up on time, this app is best for you. It is such a fantastic app for the sleeping user.

6. Edge Mask.

Suppose you feel too bored with your phone system notifications. The Edge Mask is a notification design app. The app is so excellent and has exciting features.

Once you use this app, you can customize your notification size and easily set this notification icon where it can be highlighted.

The most exciting thing is that, for example, if someone sends you a message on Whatsapp so you can see it in the short corner of the notification, and your phone’s side corner is highlighted in green color, which means you have a message on Whatsapp.

For any notification platform like Youtube notification, the screen corner will be highlighted in red color

You can see the screen corner highlighted in blue in the Facebook notification. Any app notification of the app color is highlighted on your corner screen badges. I use this app, and it is such an exciting app.

7. Every Timer.

This app is beneficial if you turn off your mobile data and Bluetooth functions. It is so easy to use.

Open the app and set the timer of your wifi when they turn off. Every timer app has to work correctly and turn off your wifi on time.

There is more function to add to this app, like a student going for coaching classes daily at 5 pm. So he set the time of mobile silence from 5 pm to 8 pm. And he doesn’t do this regularly.

Set it only once, and then the app automatically silent his mobile phone from 5 pm to 8 pm. I like this feature very much.


I hope you like these articles, and if you have any questions, you can quickly contact me. See you guys in the following article.

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