Best Ad Free Launcher For Android – (2024).

Jan 28, 2024 by Syed Maaz

There are many launchers on Google Play Store, But some of them are worth to be tried. In this article, we have listed the Best Ad Free Launcher For Android. They have an approachable interface and attractive design, Even though there is no advertising on the screen.

Best Android Launcher Without Ads.

There are numerous Android launchers accessible on the lookout. Some show ads, and some are ads-free. So, In this article, we will talk about the 17 Best Ad Free Launcher For Android that you can run on any Android device. Your phone layout will be changed. So let’s start it.

1. Nova Launcher.

Nova Launcher is the most popular app in the play store. Download this app and set it as the default launcher. The launcher interface is simple, minimalistic, and unique. Tap and hold to see the widget option showing on the display.

So, 4 Special types of Nova widgets are beneficial.

Nova Action.

This widget will help you to take quick action. For example, open the Nova Action widget and see many options like App Drawer, Screen Lock, and Recent Apps.

Moreover, Select the app drawer option, and your Nova action widget is ready. Next time you don’t need to swipe up to see the app drawer. Just tap the action widget, and your app drawer is now showing. So, there are many more options in the Nova action widget that you can apply to any option that suits your needs.

Search Bar.

The search bar widget is exciting. Apply this widget to your home screen. This widget will show you which apps you have used recently or are new and updated.


This widget will show you all your applications and file activities. Any app or file add to this widget. Then one tap, you will see all your activity. This is a very helpful widget.

Apps Or Folder.

This widget will help you to add multiple apps on the home screen or in the folder. Open this widget and select multiple apps. Then you will see two options. Click to add; now your selected apps are on the home screen. Or click to create a folder; your selected apps appear in the folder.

After that, The app comes with so many exciting features.

Nova Launcher App Features.

  • Easy to select theme colors, dark and bright.
  • Customize the size of the icon from small to big and also change the shape of the icon to a square, circle, or flower shape.
  • Easy to change the background transparency.
  • Go to the Icon layout setting and change the icon layout. This will help you to create different styles of folders, radial, lines, fans, and much more.

2. Niagara Launcher.

This Launcher will amaze you. The app has lightweight and is super fast to run it. The home screen is so simple to avoid distractions. This is one of the fastest Android launchers with a decent design and limited features.

Niagara Launcher App Features and Limitations.

  • The apps you use the most will move up, and the ones you don’t use will move down.
  • In this app, you will see a wave alphabet option. Any apps you can find easily with the help of this option.
  • The app has a listed interface. On the Left side, You will see your recent app list. Right side, you will see the alphabet list.
  • You cannot use widgets in this Launcher unless you buy its pro version.

Overall, The app is super cool and completely ad-free. Anyone who loves the listed app setting, so this app is for you.

3. Lawnchair 2.

Lawncahir 2 is the best launcher app. This Launcher is a very nice replacement for the pixel launcher. The Lawnchair 2 is integrated with google feed. It has a flexible desktop, doc, and drawer. In this app, You can see the automatic dark mode option.

Lawnchair 2 App Features and Limitations.

  • This Launcher has been updated a lot more.
  • It doesn’t have any pro version.
  • It allows multiple icon packs to be applied at the same time.
  • Lawnchair 2 also has a search engine option in the search bar.

Moreover, The Launcher is impressive and unique. The Lawnchair 2 is entirely ad-free, and the app size is 5.1 MB.

4. Microsoft Launcher.

This is one of the reliable launchers. It protects your privacy. This Launcher is based on productivity. In this app, You can customize your icon shape and size with a dark mode option. There is a lot of customization.

Change the folder shape easily. Gestures are so cool, like double tapping to access the camera. Change folder style and much more.

Microsoft Launcher App Features.

  • Swipe left to access the news.
  • Swipe up from the bottom to see a navigation bar. Then, you can access Wifi, Bluetooth, and airplane mode.
  • Easy to use with one hand.
  • Change the app drawer for alphabetic, horizontal, and verticle.

Overall the Microsoft Launcher is so reliable and excellent. The app is completely ad-free. This app is for you. Someone who writes many things manages alerts and appointments on the calendar. Then Microsoft Launcher is the best choice.

5. Slim Launcher.

Some people love simple minimal-style launchers that are easy to use. A slime launcher is the best choice. The home screen of the slime launcher is perfectly designed, which makes your apps and activities more enjoyable. Seven apps on your home screen will be based on your preference and usage.

After that, All the necessary information is displayed on your home screen. But if you have to access some apps like Dialer or Camera so you can easily find them at the bottom.

Slime Launcher App Features.

  • Hiding Notification Bar, this feature will hide your phone notifications and increase productivity.
  • The launcher theme Saves Your Battery, and you can choose the theme color and apply it to the background.

Overall, The app is a tremendous and simple-looking interface. The app is entirely ad-free. You can easy to use it and enjoy it.

6. Decluttered Launcher.

A decluttered launcher is a fantastic launcher for Android users. The Launcher can organize all your important stuff in one place, and you can access it with a single click. The app feature is limited.

Declutter Launcher App Features.

  • Quick Access For Date And Time. In the top right corner, You will see a Date. Click it, and the calendar is open. Or, in the top left corner, you will see a Time. Click it, and now your alarm is open.
  • This Launcher has only two theme colors, Black and White, that you can apply to your backgrounds.
  • This Launcher will list apps randomly, and you can easily access them by swiping them up.

Overall, The launcher interface is so minimal and easy to use it. The Launcher is entirely ad-free, and you can easily use it.

7. Lunar Launcher.

The Lunar Launcher is the best Launcher for minimal customization. This Launcher offers unique customization to make your home screen unforgettable. It is one of the Best Ad Free Launcher For Android.

Lunar Launcher App Features and Limitations.

  • Easy to add your most valuable apps to your home screen.
  • Swipe left to see the app drawer.
  • There is no search bar.
  • The background setting of this Launcher cannot be changed.

Overall, The app is excellent, and the interface is simple and minimal. The Launcher is entirely ad-free. For anyone who wants a decent launcher for a minimalistic interface so, this app is for you.

8. Ratio Launcher.

The ratio launcher comes with a minimalistic design and a lot of customization. This Launcher is designed so that you know the screen time and can manage it well. You can easily change the color of icons. The Launcher divides your home screen into two parts to give you a great look.

Ratio Launcher App Featueres.

  • Easy To Drop similar apps into a category.
  • Homeview In this section, You will see and manage all your applications.
  • Rootview In this section, You can manage all your great widgets.

Overall, The app is fantastic. This Launcher has a simple and interactive Ui with attractive themes, making it the best Launcher ever. The Launcher is entirely ad-free.

9. Good Launcher.

Good Launcher is a simple and minimal launcher app. This Launcher is based on productivity. The Launcher is no more customization. The Launcher comes with limited features.

Good Launcher App Features.

  • Swipe up to access your installed applications.
  • By swiping right, you can configure your home screen apps and Themes color and turn the status bar on or off.
  • Assign different gestures easily, like swiping left to open Whatsapp and double tapping to open youtube.

Overall, the app is a great clean, minimal interface and is entirely ad-free for anyone who wants a productivity launcher with a simple and clean interface, so try this app.

10. Alpha Launcher.

Alpha launcher is one of the most excellent launchers. The alpha launcher protects your privacy a lot. It takes permission to save your data. The app has a futuristic UI home screen interface with many customization options.

Alpha Launcher App Features.

  • There are a lot of crazy wallpapers to make your home screen unforgettable.
  • This Launcher supports a lot of icon packs and gestures that help you manage your things on the home screen.
  • Easy to find apps, There are 16 categories, and your apps are sorted in these categories.

Overall the Launcher is fantastic and unique. The Launcher is entirely ad-free. Alpha Launcher is the best choice for anyone who loves the most straightforward interface.

11. Hios Launcher.

Hios Launcher is a new and improved way to manage your apps and files on your Android device. With Hios Launcher, You can easily organize your apps and files into categories, making it easier to find what you need. You can also customize your Launcher with different themes and wallpapers.

Hios Launcher App Features.

Additionally, Hios Launcher includes several handy features,

  • Built-in search engine and gestures.
  • Easy to hide apps (Tap and hold, and you will see a desktop option. Open it. Now you will see an option “hide apps”). Use this feature and hide your private app easily.

12. Total Launcher.

Total Launcher is a unique Android launcher that provides users with unprecedented customization and control.

With Total Launcher, Users can customize every aspect of their device, From the home screen layout to the app icons and widgets.

Total Launcher also includes powerful tools for managing your device, including a built-in file manager, task manager, and app drawer.

Total Launcher App Features.

  • The ability to change the launcher theme, icons, and layout.
  • There’s even a built-in news feed.
  • Easy to use and completely ad-free.

With its unique features and extensive customization options, Total Launcher is the ultimate Launcher for Android phones.

13. Apex Launcher.

Apex Launcher is one of the most widely used Android launchers. It’s known for its customizable and easy-to-use interface. Apex Launcher lets you customize your home screen grid, icon pack, and folders.

You can also hide apps that you don’t use often. Apex Launcher is free to use, But there is a pro version with even more features.

14. Letters Launcher.

This app is for those who are bored with mobile launchers and trying unique and exciting ones. It’s time to change their phone layout. So hereLetters the Letters launcher app if you install this Launcher on your mobile.

Your mobile layout will be changed. You can see all alphabets here; if you tap one alphabet, the suggested app on your mobile is displayed. You can customize the time widget control, small or big, and more changes in this UI option.

15. Hyperion Launcher.

Hyperion launcher is one of my favorite launchers. The Ui inside this Launcher provides a stock feel looking. It has the best application drawer with a translucent background.

In this app, there are 8 unique types of icon pack support, and also you can change the size of the icon.


  • Third-party icon support
  • Icon shape changer
  • Beautiful widgets
  • Theming elements and many, much more.

16. ADW Launcher 2.

ADW Launcher is one of the best ad-free launchers you can use without dealing with any ads. It is also one of the most popular and feature-rich Android launchers on the market.

It is highly customizable and has various features allowing you to personalize your home screen.

ADW Launcher 2 App Features.

Some of the critical features of ADW Launcher 2 include.

  • A customizable home screen grid that allows you to change the number of rows and columns
  • A variety of themes and icon packs to choose from
  • The ability to hide apps from your home screen
  • A built-in search bar for quickly finding apps and contacts
  • Gesture support for quickly accessing your most used apps
  •  You can also use it to create shortcuts for your most used apps and widgets.

Whether you’re looking for a simple and clean launcher or something with more flair, ADW Launcher 2 has you covered? Try it today and see how it can help you take your home screen to the next level.

17. Launcher iOS 16.

There are many ad-free launchers for Android, but only a handful for iOS. The Best Ad-Free Launcher for iOS 16 is an excellent option to keep your device clutter-free. It’s also great for those who want to improve their battery life and performance.

The Launcher iOS 16 includes several features that make it easier to use your phone and get around. One of the most significant changes is the addition of widgets.

Widgets are small applets that live on your home screen and give you quick access to information or features without opening the app.

For example, a weather widget shows you the current conditions and forecasts, so you can check the weather without opening the app.

Another great feature is the improved search function. Now you can search for anything on your phone, including apps, contacts, and even inside apps.

So if you’re looking for a specific setting in an app, you can search for it and find it quickly. There are also some neat new tricks with folders.

You can now put folders inside other folders and even put widgets in folders. This helps keep your home screen organized and tidy.

Launcher iOS 16 App Extra Features.

Some of the features of the Best Ad-Free Launcher for iOS 16 include:·

  • A clean and streamlined interface·
  • No bloatware or unnecessary features·
  • Improved performance and battery life·
  • A wide variety of customization options

Overall, the new Launcher in iOS 16 significantly improved over previous versions. It’s more user-friendly and gives you more control over your phone use. If you’re looking for a better way to use your iPhone, this is worth checking out.

Why You Need an Ad-Free Launcher on Your Phone.

You might want an ad-free launcher on your phone for a few reasons. First, ads can be annoying and intrusive. They can also slow down your phone’s performance.

Additionally, some ad networks collect data about your phone usage habits to show you more targeted ads. If you’re uncomfortable with that, an ad-free launcher can help you give peace of mind.


Many great ad-free launchers for Android are available on the market. Each one has its own unique set of features and capabilities. However, after looking at all the options, we have concluded that Nova Launcher is the best ad-free Launcher for Android.

This Launcher offers everything you could want in an Android launcher, and it’s completely ad-free. If you want a top-quality ad-free launcher for your Android device, we highly recommend checking out Nova Launcher.


Which Is The Best Launcher For Android Without Ads?

In this article, We are adding the 4 best launcher apps. All the launcher apps are ads-free. You can easily download them and enjoy them.

What Is The Best Free Launcher?

Alpha Launcher is the best free Launcher for Android users. The app interface is fantastic and striking; you can easily download it from the play store.

Does Nova Launcher Have Ads?

The answer is (NO). Nova launcher is entirely ad-free.

Which Android Launcher Is Fastest?

Niagara launcher will amaze you. The app has lightweight and is super fast to run it.

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