Best Android apps on play store.

Feb 26, 2024 by Syed Maaz

Zoom is undoubtedly one of the best Android apps on the Play Store, offering unparalleled convenience and reliability for virtual meetings, webinars, and online collaborations.

With its user-friendly interface and seamless functionality, Zoom has become an indispensable tool in the age of remote work and distance learning. The app’s video and audio quality are consistently exceptional, ensuring crystal-clear communication.

Zoom’s range of features, such as screen sharing, virtual backgrounds, and breakout rooms, empower users to conduct engaging and interactive sessions. The ability to schedule meetings, join with a single tap, and seamlessly switch between devices further enhances the user experience.

Additionally, Zoom’s robust security measures and end-to-end encryption provide peace of mind, safeguarding sensitive conversations and data. Whether you’re connecting with colleagues, hosting webinars, or catching up with friends and family.

1. App Tiles.

If I say to you that you can add your application to your notification bar so you will believe me? But it’s true. You can indeed add your application easily with the help of App Tiles. With the help of this app, You can add single or multiple apps to your notification bar. You can add 6 apps to your notification bar and you can easily switch to another app fastly as compared to a normal routine. I like the app feature because it’s worth using. Hope you like the app.

2. Shorty.

The shorty app (shortcut app). This is the best android app on the play store. This app has a unique feature and the feature is that. On your smartphone, You can work with multiple apps and files. See some videos in your gallery. This app helps you to create a shortcut for any type of file media and documents saved on your home screen. I like the feature of this app and hope you like it.

3. Sticker Ly.

It is so a unique and amazing app and it is the Best Android app on the play store. Notify Stickers how exit works. For example, someone sends you a Whatsapp message and the message is (Hey Alexa space and Heart emoji ) send to you so notify stickers to read your message and pop up the big heart emoji on the center of your screen. I like this feature. Any emoji of the text Heart, Sad emoji, Simply they read a message and is applied on the center of your screen.

4. Brainly.

Brainly app is a learning app and it is made for students. It is the best app on the play store. You can ask a question in three different features.

  1. Type a question and brainly show you an answer related to your question.
  2. Send a Voice note question and brainly shows the answer.
  3. Open the camera and click the picture of your question. Brainly scan your pictures in a few seconds and show the answer.

So there is three main feature of this app. I like the camera feature because it is too useful for all students.

5. GoCut.

You see on Tik Tok videos some people dance and its body glow with some effects and the effects are so cool. some people download high-end apps to make this glowing line on video. But you don’t need to download the high-end application. The GoCut app makes your video glowing with attractive effects. Which is looking so crazy. The app size is 60 MB. Hope you like the video glowing app.

6. stickers.

Sticker Maker is a great sticker app. It is the most useful app for Whatsapp users. In this app, You can see a lot of stickers, And all of these stickers are new and trendy. All your favorite stickers add to your Whatsapp and send to your friends. I use this app and I like the app. This app is easily available on the play store.

7. Disable Touch.

Disable the Touch app. It simply means the phone is currently on but the touches not working. It is so a useful app. Open the app and allow its permission and then you see the app is working on your notification bar. If you watch a movie and notifications disturb you. Slide down the notification bar and select the option Disable Touch. And now you can watch this movie fell free. This app is so useful for us. One more example is the children watching cartoons on their mobile at the time this app is very useful to disable the touch option and the children watch the cartoons they touched on the mobile screen but the screen cannot work.

It is so easy to disable the disable touch option. Slide down the notification bar and see the option Enable Touch. The screen must be working properly. Hope you like this app and its feature.

8. Privacy Dashboard.

Privacy Dashboard app. It is so an interesting and useful app. If you want to conserver your data. So this app is made for you. It is so simple to use and allows us permission. With the help of this app. All the apps on your phone and some apps you are using in 24 hours. So these apps can tell you which apps use your camera permission, Location access, and Use a microphone. All the details of the apps can see on Privacy Dashboard.

9. Shazam.

Shazam is one of the best and most amazing apps. It is a music player app you can add a playlist and make a section of your song list. But the main feature of this app is that you heard some songs but you never know the song name so this app is very helpful to you. open the app feature tap the Shazam app and play a song from other devices or computers. They catch the song or music within a second. I like the feature.

10. Speed Test.

speed test is checking a wifi speed test. So if your wifi slows down and doesn’t work properly. Open this app and check the speed of your wifi. The first speed test shows you the current wifi speed and then shows you the uploading speed. It’s a wifi speed checker app. Moreover, It is very helpful for you.

I hope you like my article all apps have great and interesting features. If you have any questions you can easily Contact me. Thank you.

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