Best Free Color-By-Number App For Adults – (2023).

Tap Color Pro is the best color-by-number app for adults. It offers a unique spin on color-by-number, providing various images, coloring styles, and additional features like turning your photos into coloring pages. But let’s delve deeper into these beautiful digital canvases just a few taps away.

The 4 Best Color By Number Apps For Adults.

There are so many color-by-number apps for adults, But Our favorite is:

1. Color by Number.

For those fondly fond of pixel art, this app provides a nostalgic yet modern way to relax and enjoy coloring.

Best Free Color By Number App For Adults

Each image is divided into numbered pixels, allowing users to fill in each pixel with the color assigned to that number. Users love the ease of use and the retro vibes the pixel art provides.


  • Numerous images to color.
  • Pixel art style.
  • Easy color-fill method.

2. Color by Number Oil Painting.

Offering a more sophisticated coloring experience, Color by Number Oil Painting impresses with its realistic and oil-painting-like images.

Best Free Color By Number App For Adults

Users often express their admiration for the app’s immersive nature and the beautiful, painting-like results.


  • Realistic and oil-painting-like images.
  • A wide variety of themes.
  • Easy to use interface.

3. April Coloring.

April Coloring takes the color-by-number experience up a notch with images that come to life with moving elements.

Best Free Color By Number App For Adults

This interactive feature and elegant oil-painting-like photos create a unique and enjoyable coloring experience.

Users often highlight the interactive element as a fun and refreshing twist to their coloring journey.


  • Interactive moving elements in completed images.
  • Oil painting style images.
  • Diverse image themes.

4. Unicorn.

The UNICORN app is a vibrant, playful platform that proves coloring isn’t just for kids. With its vast collection of pictures, it caters to both youngsters and adults alike.

Although the name may suggest it’s tailored towards younger audiences, its pixel-art style and a wide variety of themes make it an appealing option for adults, too.

Best Free Color By Number App For Adults

One of the main draws of the UNICORN app is its pixel art style. This style can be nostalgic for many adults, evoking memories of early digital graphics while still feeling modern and fun.

Each image is divided into small boxes, each assigned a specific color. The goal is to fill each box with its corresponding color, ultimately creating a vibrant, pixelated piece of art.


  • The pixel art style for a fun, nostalgic coloring experience.
  • There is a wide variety of images to choose from, catering to different skill levels and moods.
  • User-friendly interface that allows for easy navigation and a smooth coloring process.
  • Ability to save progress on images, allowing for flexible coloring sessions.

Can You Play Color By Number Apps Offline?

Yes, you can play a color-by-number app offline. Most color-by-number apps are designed to work without an internet connection.

The coloring templates and mechanisms are typically stored locally on your device when you download and install such an app. This means you can enjoy coloring by numbers even when you don’t have access to the internet.

Offline play is a convenient feature for many users, as it allows them to engage in coloring activities during travel, in areas with poor or no internet connectivity, or simply to conserve mobile data.


Tap Color Pro stands out for its versatility and fun interface. It offers many features and an expansive image library, providing hours of coloring enjoyment.


Can I use these apps offline?

Most color-by-number apps allow you to download images while connected to the internet and then color them offline. Check the specific app for details.

Can I upload my images to these apps?

Some apps like Paint by Number offer the feature to turn personal photos into color-by-number projects. Not all apps offer this, so check the specific app details.

Are there any ads in these apps?

Most free apps include ads. Some offer premium versions or in-app purchases to remove ads.

Do these apps support sharing finished images on social media?

Most coloring apps allow you to share your completed images directly to popular social media platforms.

Is Tap Color Pro a free app?

Tap Color Pro typically offers free coloring pages but includes in-app purchases for additional features and ad removal.

Is zooming in and out of images in these coloring apps easy?

These apps are designed to be user-friendly and typically allow zoom-in for intricate coloring.

Do these apps require a lot of storage space?

The storage space required varies by app and depends on the number of images you download.

Can I save my progress and continue coloring later?

Yes, most of these apps allow you to save your progress so you can continue coloring later.

Do these apps offer a variety of color palettes?

These apps usually offer various color palettes, allowing you to get creative with your coloring.

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