Best Free Metal Detector App For Android Phones | 2023.

Metal Detector by Smart Tools is a top-notch free app for metal detector enthusiasts with a user-friendly interface, accurate detection capabilities, and adjustable sensitivity.

Real-time graphs visualize the strength of the magnetic field, allowing you to identify areas with high metal concentrations. Metal Detector by Smart Tools remains a reliable choice despite the limitations of smartphone sensors and interference from the environment.

While advertisements are present in the free version, the paid version eliminates them. Overall, This app is a convenient and fun way to engage in metal detection activities on your Android device.

Below this article, We have listed the top five metal detector apps for Android phones.

Metal Detector App For Android Phones.

1. Metal Detector 2023 Find Gold BY (MedusaLabApp).

Best Free Metal Detector App For Android

Those who enjoy metal detecting will appreciate Metal Detector 2023 Find Gold BY (MedusaLabApp). You can easily detect metal objects with its user-friendly interface and advanced features. In addition to having a precise detection system, the app is ideal for finding gold and all types of metals.

The app provides clear instructions on using it properly, and its intuitive design helps users navigate the modes and settings while scanning for potential finds.

A built-in compass makes it easy to navigate while searching. This feature ensures that users do not waste time covering areas already searched.

In addition to its ability to work in harsh environments, This metal detector app can adapt to ensure accurate readings, whether near water or in areas with a high mineralization level.

Anyone looking for a free and reliable app to detect metals and find lost treasures will find this useful.

2. Metal Detector – Metal Finder By (SpyWire Tech).

Best Free Metal Detector App For Android

It has a unique and user-friendly interface that uses your phone’s magnetic sensor to detect metals around you, making it a perfect app for treasure hunting or simply finding lost metallic objects. Metal Detector – Metal Finder by SpyWire Tech is another free metal detector app for Android phones.

Its customizable sensitivity settings allow users to adjust the detection range depending on their needs, and it also has a built-in compass that can be useful for determining metal locations.

Best Free Metal Detector App For Android

The app provides real-time updates on magnetic field readings through its graphical interface. Users can choose between analogue and digital formats.

Check out Metal Detector if you want a powerful, easy-to-use metal detector for your Android device.

3. Metal And Gold Detector By (Town Apps 786).

Best Free Metal Detector App For Android

Using your Android phone’s magnetic sensor, this app detects metal in the surroundings and turns your phone into a metal detector.

The app has an intuitive user interface, making navigating the different settings and options easy for users. Users can choose between sound, vibration, or a combination of both.

Best Free Metal Detector App For Android

The app’s unique feature is its ability to detect metals and precious metals such as gold. This makes it an ideal app for treasure hunters searching for buried treasures or lost items made from valuable materials.

Keep in mind that interference from other electronic devices or environmental factors, such as soil composition and moisture levels, may affect the accuracy.

4. Metal Detector & Metal Finder By (Antim Tech).

Best Free Metal Detector App For Android

In addition to being free, this app offers various features that allow users to detect different types of metals and objects underground. The app’s interface makes it easy to use and navigate.

This app allows you to adjust the sensitivity and depth range based on your preferences. Additionally, You can choose between different detection modes, such as audio, vibration, or both. Moreover, a real-time graph shows the strength of the detected signal.

Best Free Metal Detector App For Android

Additionally, It provides accurate measurements of magnetic fields, Which are useful for detecting underground metallic pipes and cables. You can save your findings and location on Google Maps for future reference.

It is great for hobbyists who enjoy treasure hunting or anyone who wants a reliable metal detector without spending much money on expensive equipment. With its advanced features and accuracy, you will not be disappointed.

5. Metal Detector: Body Scanner By (Apache Apps and games ltd).

The app uses the phone’s magnetometer to detect metals. It detects metals and acts as a body scanner, scanning nearby objects for metallic objects.

You can adjust the sensitivity of the magnetic field sensor according to your needs using the app’s user-friendly interface.

Best Free Metal Detector App For Android

By distinguishing between ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic materials, the metal detector app makes it easier for users to accurately identify different types of metal.

It can detect metal buried deep beneath surfaces such as soil or sand, making it stand out from the competition.

The app is undoubtedly one of the best free metal detector apps available today for Android phones. Its unique features make it an excellent app for exploring your surroundings or engaging in treasure-hunting activities.


Metal Detector app is one of Android’s best free metal detectors. The app offers an easy-to-use interface, accurate detection capabilities, adjustable sensitivity, and a real-time graph, making it a reliable choice. While limitations of smartphone sensors and environmental interference may affect its precision, it offers a convenient and enjoyable experience for casual metal detection activities.


What is the best free metal detector app?

One of Android’s best free metal detector apps is Metal Detector by Smart Tools.

Is the metal detector app free?

Several metal detector apps are free for Android devices, including Metal Detector by Smart Tools.

Can cell phones detect metal?

Mobile phones with magnetic sensors can detect metal objects. Metal detector apps use these sensors to detect changes in the magnetic field caused by metallic objects.

Is there any gold detector app?

Some metal detector apps claim to detect gold but rely on smartphone magnetic sensors. Because gold does not possess strong magnetic properties, such apps may have limited accuracy and effectiveness in detecting gold. It is generally more reliable to use a dedicated hardware gold detector.

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