Best Free Parental Control App For Android Phones.

It’s hard keeping your kids safe when you’re not around. But with the right app, you can at least rest a little easier. In this article, we covered the best free parental control app for android phones. Parental control apps give you some peace of mind by allowing you to restrict your child’s access to certain apps and websites, monitor their online activity, and even set time limits on how much screen time they can have each day.

Free Parental Control Apps.

There are a lot of parental control apps to choose from, but we’ve rounded up the best of the best for Android. Below, we’ll take a look at 5 of the best free parental control apps for Android.

1. Google Family Link.

Best Free Parental Control App For Android

If you’re looking for a good parental control app, Google Family Link is a great place to start. It’s free, easy to set up, and it gives you a lot of control over your child’s Android device. You can restrict which apps your child can use, set bedtime curfews, and check in on their location at any time.

2. AirDroid.

Best Free Parental Control App For Android

The free AirDroid app is a great way to manage your child’s Android device. With it, You can control which apps your child can use, set time limits, and even track their location. You can also remotely lock or erase the device if lost or stolen.

3. OurPact.

Best Free Parental Control App For Android

One of the best parental control apps for Android is OurPact. It’s a comprehensive app that lets parents manage their kids’ screen time, internet usage, and more. Parents can use OurPact to create rules for their kids, and then monitor their device usage in real-time. If they see that their child is spending too much time on their phone or going over their data limit, They can instantly impose a restriction.

OurPact also has a built-in GPS tracker, So parents can see where their child is at all times. And if there’s an emergency, they can instantly contact their child through the app.

Overall, OurPact is a great way for parents to keep tabs on their kids’ online activity and ensure that they’re using their devices safely.

4. Microsoft Family Safety.

Best Free Parental Control App For Android

The Microsoft Family Safety app is a great option if you’re looking for a free parental control app that’s tailored to the Android operating system. It can help you keep track of what your kids are doing on their phones and protect them from bad content and malicious websites.

The app lets you monitor your kids’ activity, set screen time limits, block inappropriate content, and see where they are when they’re out and about. You can also lock individual apps so your kids can’t access them without your permission. And you can even receive alerts when there’s suspicious activity on your phone.

Additionally, the app allows you to create a safe list of contacts that your kids can call and text without requiring your approval. This way, your kid can stay in touch with family members without worrying about being blocked or monitored.

All in all, The Microsoft Family Safety app is an easy-to-use parental control app that can help you protect your child from potential harm without intruding on their privacy.

5. Kids 360.

One of the best free parental control apps for Android is Kids 360. As the name suggests, It gives you a 360-degree view of your child’s activities on their devices. It also includes powerful features like remote management, and website filtering, and even allows you to monitor their app usage.

The remote management feature makes it easy to monitor your kids’ activity from afar. You can manage their web browsing by blocking certain sites, managing their contacts and location, and even setting up device restrictions like screen time limits or bedtime curfews.

The app also has an impressive website filter that allows you to block inappropriate content or websites. With Kids 360, You can keep an eye on your kids and make sure they are spending time wisely. Plus, the app is free. So no need to worry about any costly fees!

Features of the Best Free Parental Control Apps.

So, Now that you know the different types of parental control apps out there, let’s take a look at some of the features you should be looking out for when choosing an app.

Firstly, Access Control Is Key – You want an app that allows you to set up time limits and block inappropriate content. It should also offer a detailed activity log so that you can monitor your child’s online activity.

Secondly, Pay Attention To The Age Limit. Some apps target parents with infants while others are better suited for older kids. Generally speaking, ensure your app is suitable for your kid’s age so it covers all the necessary functions to keep them safe.

Thirdly, look for an app with geo-location tracking so you know where your child is at all times. Another nice extra feature to have is one-click emergency contacts in case of an emergency. This will allow you to reach out for help quickly and easily.

What Are the Benefits of a Parental Control App?

So now that we’ve discussed the best free parental control apps for Android, let’s talk about why you should use one. The obvious benefit is that these apps help you to protect your kids from accessing inappropriate content. But there are other benefits too.

For instance, Many of these apps also allow you to monitor your children’s activity on social media networks and control their ability to download apps and make in-app purchases. This way, You can make sure that they’re not spending too much time on their phones or being exposed to potentially hazardous content. Additionally, Most of these parental control apps come with location-tracking features so that you can make sure your kids are always safe.

Overall, The use of a parental control app can give you peace of mind of knowing that your kids are safe when they’re using their Android devices.

How to Choose the Best Parental Control App for Your Needs.

It’s important to select the parental control app that best suits your family’s needs. Here are some of the key features to consider when searching for a parental control app for Android devices.

  • Set Time Limits: You can set time limits for individual apps and websites so that your child can only access them during the allotted period. This helps eliminate distractions and encourages a healthy balance between homework, leisure, and sleep.
  • Screen Monitoring: Pick an app that allows you to monitor your child’s screen activity remotely including texts, messages, social media usage, browsing history, and other activities.
  • Set Filters: Some apps allow you to customize restrictions by setting filters on age-inappropriate content and activate notifications whenever certain keywords or phrases are used in messages or emails. You can also block specific websites you don’t want your child accessing.
  • Geofencing: Some apps let you create invisible perimeters around certain locations (e.g., schools) for extended digital peace of mind by automatically disabling Internet access in those areas.
  • Location Tracking: Being able to pin down your kid’s exact location at any given time is one of the biggest advantages of using parental control apps. No more worrying about where they might be!


While it’s essential to have open communication with your kids, There will always be things you want to keep hidden from them. That’s where parental control apps come in. There are a lot of parental control apps to choose from, but we’ve curated a list of the best of the best. These apps will help you keep track of your kids’ online activity, set time limits for using certain apps or browsing the internet, and even provide a way for you to block certain websites. So, whether you’re looking for an app to help you keep an eye on your kids’ online activity or an app to help you limit their screen time, we’ve got you covered.

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