Best Free Screenshot App For Android – (2022).

Capturing screenshots on your Android device can be helpful in many situations, whether you want to save a conversation with someone or capture an error message you’re seeing on your screen.

A screenshot can be very helpful, and while there are many screenshot apps out there, In this article, we are adding the 5 best free screenshot apps for Android devices hope you like them.

1. AZ Recorder.

Az Screen Recorder is the best Android app for taking screenshots quickly. Also, The app comes with many features like Capture, Screen recording, Edit and saving video, etc.

Once you can allow the permission, the app runs in the notification panel, and also you can see it on the home screen in the edge-style widget. Tap it, and you will see four main options.

  • Record screen (click this option, and your screen recording will start in 3 seconds).
  • Videos (All screen recording videos are saved in this option).
  • Recording Tools Box (Using this option, you can add your favorite tools to your home screen. The tools are screenshot, camera, and brush).
  • Live (Using this option, you can stream on Youtube or Facebook).

The app is great for taking screenshots quickly with just one click. Go to the recording toolbox and add a screenshot tool on your home screen. Now you can easily take screenshots.

2. Assistive Touch.

Best Free Screenshot App For Android

Assistive Touch is one of the simple and most excellent apps. The app is very user-friendly and has a fantastic interface. In this app, you can easily take screenshots.

Also, there are many more features in this app that make this app unique. Open this app and allow permission. The assistive Touch is applied on the home screen.

Tap the assistive, and you will see some quick options applied but if you want to change it, go to the app and select the custom menu.

Now you will see some quick options, and you can add these options as you want. You can add screenshots, quick options, lock screens, etc. Also, you can change the background color and app icon.

Overall the app is great for taking screenshots. The app is worth using because it has so many valuable features.

If you are looking for an app that provides more features and screenshots, I highly recommend trying this app.

3. Screenshot Touch.

Best Free Screenshot App For Android

The Screenshot Touch is a decent and minimal-looking interface. Oen this app and allow the permission, and you will see an option Start Capture Monitoring Service.

Click it, and the app runs on the notification panel or the home screen. If you want to take a screenshot, tap the sidebar app icon, and that’s it. Your screenshot will be added to the gallery successfully.

But if you want to take a hide screenshot and no one sees it, open the notification bar, and you will see your app is running.

Tap the folder option, enable the Hide Image From Android Gallery, and save it. Next time any screenshot you take your screenshot is moved to the folder automatically, and that screenshot will not appear in the gallery.

Suppose you want to see the folder that contains hidden screenshots. Open the app’s top-right corner. You can see the image option. Tap it, and you will see all your hide screenshots.

Overall the app is excellent for taking hide screenshots. For anyone who wants to take a hide screenshot app? So this app is only for you.

4. Screenshot Easy.

Best Free Screenshot App For Android

As the name, The Work, the Screenshot Easy app is best for taking screenshots. Allow the permission, and that’s it.

The app is run on the home screen, like the screenshot touch app. If you want to take a screenshot, click the sidebar app icon and add your screenshot to the gallery.

The app is a simple and minimal-looking interface. By using this app, you can only take screenshots easily. There are no extra features.

5. Touchshot.

Touchshot is a fantastic app. In this app, you can take screenshots, edit images, and star screen recording easily. The app is straightforward to use and has a clean interface.

Once you allow permission, the app widget is applied on the home screen. This app has plenty of features, like reducing the size and transparency of the widget. Select the image quality for jpg 80, 90, or 100.

Overall the app is great for taking screenshots and editing your screenshots. You can change the image size and video size easily.


So here are the top 5 best free screenshot apps for Android. I hope you like my article. Tell me your favorite app in the comments section. I like Assistive Touch.

Because this app comes with a lot of features. To see some exciting apps, visit my site and read more articles. Share the article with your friends.


How Can I Take Screenshots Without Pressing Button On Android?

So many apps are available in the play store market to help you take screenshots without pressing a button. That’s why we add the 5 best screenshot apps for Android. Use one of these apps and take your screenshot easily without pressing a button.

How Do I Take A Screenshot On My Android Without An App?

The answer is simple: tap and hold the power lock and volume down buttons, then take a screenshot. Some smartphones allow 3-finger slide down or 2 fingers up to take screenshots. But you have to apply this option. Go to settings>special features.

Is There Any Screenshot App For Android?

In This article, we add the top 5 best screenshot apps for Android. All of these are the best apps. By using one of these apps, you can take screenshots easily.

What Is The Best Free Screenshot App?

Assistant Touch is the best free screenshot app for Android. In this app, you can take Screenshots, Record videos, Quick lock screens, and much more.

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