Best Free Stargazing App For Android – 2023.

SkyView Lite is widely considered the best free astronomy app for Android. It uses your phone’s sensors and GPS to create a real-time augmented reality view of the night sky.

Point it upwards, and it will identify stars, constellations, planets, and satellites. Features include an extensive database, powerful zoom, and multiple lens filters.

It is very user-friendly and intuitive for an augmented reality stargazing experience. As it’s the free lite version of SkyView, it includes ads and has limited tracking capabilities.

Still, it remains unparalleled among free Android stargazing apps, the perfect introduction to night sky exploration.

Top Free Night Sky App for Android

1. Starwalk

Star Walk is one of Android’s most popular astronomy apps, with over 5 million downloads. The sky map allows you to explore celestial objects by pointing your phone at the sky.

It utilizes augmented reality to display stars, constellations, planets, satellites, and other celestial objects on your device’s screen in real-time as you move it around the sky.

Best Free Stargazing App For Android

Best Features:

  • Database with over 200,000 stellar objects, including stars, planets, nebulae, and satellites.
  • Support online and offline (no internet required once loaded).
  • Tracking and notifications for different astronomical events.
  • Detailed information on any selected star or planet.
  • Sky path to see how celestial objects move across the sky.
  • Multi-language support.
  • There are no ads in the main app or on most screens.

2. Strellium Mobile

Stellarium Mobile is an open-source planetarium app that renders realistic skies in 3D on your Android device with 600k+ stars from a detailed catalog.

You can Point and view any direction in the sky to see what stars, constellations, and deep-sky objects are there. The app lets you easily switch between visual graphs like sky culture lines or atmospheric effects.

Best Free Stargazing App For Android

Amazing Features:

  • Tap any star or object to view additional info.
  • Adjust the speed of time to fast-forward days, years, and centuries for educational use.
  • Support different sky cultures, including Western, Chinese, Hawaiian, etc.
  • Change the location and date/time to view the sky anywhere in history.
  • Mark interesting objects with bookmarks for quick access.
  • Available completely free without ads or restrictions.

3. Skywiki

SkyWiki is a fantastic stargazing app that lets you easily identify stars, planets, satellites, and constellations by simply pointing your phone to the sky.

With over 120,000 celestial objects mapped, SkyWiki uses your phone’s sensors and augmented reality technology to display labels, trajectories, and information directly onto the live view from your camera.

The slick user interface and intuitive controls make it easy to start navigating the night sky within minutes like a pro.

Best Free Stargazing App For Android

Simple Features:

  • The augmented reality display labels celestial objects in real time when you point your phone at the sky.
  • Time travel to view the night sky up to 10,000 years in the past or future
  • Skip-ahead motion controls fast-forward time.
  • Global calendar of moon phases and meteor showers.
  • Detailed 3D models of solar system objects.
  • Track the orbits of planets and their moons.
  • Database constantly updated with discoveries.
  • The free app includes a comprehensive catalog.
  • Smooth, lag-free navigation, even on mid-range devices.

4. Sky Tonight

Sky Tonight is also an excellent astrology app harnessing augmented reality to depict the galaxy around you in 3D. Using state-of-the-art Nokia OZO Audio technology, Sky Tonight provides rich, spatial 360-degree audio effects for the most immersive stargazing experience possible on a mobile device.

Point your phone to the sky, and it will instantly identify stars, planets, satellites, and the ISS space station orbiting above you.

Detailed information and statistics on every celestial body can be accessed easily. You can view an interactive orbit path by tapping an object to understand positional shifts over time.

Useful time travel controls let you fast forward to view future alignment or return to historical events like eclipses.

Best Free Stargazing App For Android


  • Details like statistics and orbital paths are displayed.
  • Interactive orbit diagrams to showcase positional shifts.
  • Time travel controls to view future/historical alignments.
  • Dark mode with red accents optimized for night viewing.
  • Frequent updates for accurate ephemeris data.
  • News stories related to space and astronomy were integrated.

5. Sky Academy

Sky Academy is an extremely intuitive augmented reality astronomy app that allows beginners and enthusiasts to explore stars, planets, satellites easily and more.

A slick, minimalist interface neatly categorizes celestial objects by pointing a phone at the sky. Providing extensive details on selected items without cluttering the navigation ribbon and information panels.

The latest discoveries and positional accuracy are depicted thanks to a seamless foundation and frequent updates from NASA’s JPL astronomy databases.

Best Free Stargazing App For Android

Cool Features:

  • Meteor shower calendar with visibility alerts.
  • Push notifications for ISS or bright comets.
  • Location/date search to simulate the sky from anywhere on Earth.
  • Laser alignment helper for perfect Milky Way photography.
  • Compose astro shots with AR object outlines.

Best Star Tracker App For Android

1. Star tracker

Star tracker apps utilize the latest augmented reality and sensor technology to transform your phone into a powerful window on the night sky, overlaying rich celestial maps, constellations, and labels right onto your camera view in real time.

Smooth tracking, orbital simulations, and time travel features open up interactive exploration. For their cutting-edge implementation of mobile innovation to reveal the cosmos at your fingertips, star tracker apps deserve their rising status as indispensable astronomy tools.

Best Free Stargazing App For Android

More Features:

  • Augmented reality display with 100,000+ mapped objects.
  • Interactive orbital simulations.
  • Detailed informational pages on all objects.
  • Ideal for all astronomy experience levels.

2. Sky Map

Sky Map offers a beautifully simple introduction to stargazing from your Android phone. Just hold it up to the sky, and it will instantly identify stars, constellations, planets, satellites, and more, overlaying handy labels directly over your camera view.

Its clean interface plots the brightest stars into familiar constellation diagrams, helping you pick out mythical shapes with ease.

For budding backyard astronomers and kids stepping into astronomy, Sky Map delivers interactive fun in an accessible free app.

With future AR modes planned, it continues to polish an intuitive explorer’s gateway to unraveling the stellar gems scattered overhead.

Best Free Stargazing App For Android


  • Draws constellation lines on camera view
  • Great for kids and beginners


Get the latest NASA images, news, mission updates, and more directly from the source. Lookup details on current sky events, or marvel at breathtaking galleries of our solar system and beyond captured by scientists and astronauts at the frontier of space exploration. NASA’s official app brings the wonder of the cosmos to your screen.

With incredible AR graphics, in-depth catalogs, intuitive interfaces, and seamless phone integration, these star tracker apps open up new worlds of adventure. So go ahead, look to the stars, and explore the possibilities.

Best Free Stargazing App For Android


  • Browse galleries captured by NASA craft and astronauts.
  • Get content directly from the source.


With the latest augmented and virtual reality technology, stargazing apps for Android transform your phone into an interactive window of the universe right in your pocket.

Powerful apps like SkySafari and Sky Academy provide robust catalogs and AR displays for seasoned astronomers, while simpler apps like Star Tracker are ideal starters for kids dipping into astronomy.

Whether you want to identify celestial sights, simulate orbital paths, get updates from space agencies, or compose that perfect astrophotography.

These apps showcase how smartphone innovation continues to make the beauty of the cosmos more accessible to all. So go on, look through your screen, and explore today’s stars.

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