Best Free Teleprompter App For Android – (2023).

In the dynamic world of video production and broadcasting, a teleprompter often becomes indispensable. It ensures the smooth delivery of information, keeping the speaker on track while reducing the risk of flubs or forgotten lines.

Several free teleprompter apps can turn your smartphone or tablet into a powerful broadcasting tool for Android users. This article introduces and reviews some of the best free teleprompter apps available on the Android platform.

What Is A Teleprompter?

Teleprompters display text on a screen before a presenter, typically at a lectern or podium. The text is usually scrolled automatically, and the presenter speaks while looking at the text.

Teleprompters can be very useful for public speaking, as they help reduce nerves and memory lapses.

The Best Free Teleprompter Apps for Android Phones 2023.

Many great teleprompter apps are available for Android phones and are free. Here are some of the best free teleprompter apps for Android phones in 2023.

1. Teleprompter Pro Lite.

Teleprompter Pro Lite is the most popular free teleprompter app in the market. It is designed for Android phones and tablets.

It is an easy-to-use app, which is ideal for beginners. This teleprompter app for Android is the best choice for you to use. It offers a wide range of features.

It can be used to create and playback pre-recorded or live teleprompter scripts. You can create unlimited teleprompters and mix and match them with your videos. You can choose your desired font, text size, color, and opacity.

All the videos you create will be stored in a database you can access from anywhere. You can also set a password for your database and keep your videos safe from prying eyes.

2. Camprompter.

CamPrompter is a free teleprompter app that lets you easily create and use teleprompters and display cards on your Android device.

The app was designed with the help of television and video professionals to provide the best experience possible.

Stop struggling with writing your speech or presentation, and start using CamPrompter to ensure you deliver an excellent presentation.

3. Prompter smart pro.

best free teleprompter app for android

We know you’re looking for the best free teleprompter app for Android, but you shouldn’t have to settle for something that won’t work for you.

That’s why we created PromptSmart Pro, The only teleprompter app that works both in the studio and on the go! We know technology can be confusing, so we’ve put together a few tips to ensure you get the most out of our free teleprompter app.

PromptSmart is a powerful and easy-to-use teleprompter for Android devices. It is the ideal solution for anyone who needs to give presentations for work or a hobby.

Prompt Smart Pro features professional quality, voice tracking, and voice recognition – so you can focus on your speech, not the app. You can easily download the script from the cloud.

Prompt Smart Pro is the perfect Teleprompter for anyone who wants to practice public speaking, whether a teacher, a student, a politician, or a professional public speaker.

Teleprompter App For Android While Recording.

If you are looking for a free teleprompter app for your Android phone, we have some great options. Here are the best free teleprompter apps for Android:

1. Speechway.

best free teleprompter app for android

SpeechWay is a free teleprompter app for Android that allows you to read a text from your phone and display itd in a scrolling format on your Android device.

This means you can use your Android device as a teleprompter for your camera or a presentation. There is a camera mode, classic mode.

The script editor includes regular text-to-speech mode. The text-to-speech engine is a highly customizable TTS engine that can be used in other Android programs.

There is also a remote control option to connect Bluetooth or any other device as a remote controller.

2. Teletoto.

best free teleprompter app for android

Teletoto is the best free teleprompter app for Android. It is an easy-to-use app for Android phones and tablets. A simple and user-friendly interface. It has a powerful script editor to import text from the desktop.

So many teleprompter modes are available: speed, mirror, grid, pointer, text size, and text color. It is the only free app that allows you to save your work as a draft, which can be edited later.

The most exciting thing is the app records perfect videos. It means the script you have prepared will be displayed when you open the camera, So you can easily read your script while recording video.

You can also share or export your written text as a PDF or text file. The app can be used as a standard text editor as well. You can also change the background color of the app.

3. Teleprompter PAD.

Teleprompter PAD is the best free teleprompter app for Android. Use this app for your Android device to create a very simple teleprompter for your Android device.

You can easily edit text on the screen. In the dictation mode, you can edit the text using your voice. There is also a portrait mode where you can change and lock the orientation of the text with just a simple tap.

Teleprompter App For Android Tablet.

A variety of teleprompter apps are available for Android tablets, making it easy to give presentations and speeches with the help of this handy device. Here are some of our favorite apps for Android tablets.

1. Parrot Teleprompter.

Best Free Teleprompter App For Android

Parrot Teleprompter stands out as one of the premier Android tablet teleprompter apps and prides itself on its simplicity and efficiency.

It is meticulously crafted for professional video production and public speaking, elevating the delivery of flawless speeches and presentations.

With a clean and minimalist interface, the app offers easily navigable features, ensuring a user-friendly experience for first-time users.

The Parrot Teleprompter offers a range of impressive features. These include adjustable text size, speed control, mirror, and full-screen mode.

It’s incredibly convenient as it allows you to import scripts directly from your device’s storage or Google Drive. Additionally, it supports various Bluetooth remotes, enabling smooth and effortless scrolling through your script. The Parrot Teleprompter can enhance your reading experience and efficiently deliver your content.

With its exceptional features and intuitive interface, this app transforms your Android tablet into a top-notch teleprompter, making it a favorite among public speakers and video creators.

It’s conveniently available for free on the Google Play Store, and for those seeking additional functionality, there’s a premium version offering even more features.

2. Elegant Teleprompter.

Elegant Teleprompter stands out as a top-rated teleprompter app for Android tablets. This remarkable application combines elegance and functionality to deliver an unmatched user experience, making it an indispensable tool for public speakers, video creators, and anyone needing a reliable teleprompter solution.

The Elegant Teleprompter offers many features that set it apart from the competition. Users can personalize the text size, font, color, and background to their liking, ensuring optimal legibility and comfort.

It seamlessly supports importing scripts from different sources, including text files from device storage or cloud services like Google Drive, providing unparalleled convenience.

The Elegant Teleprompter stands out with its precise control over script scrolling speed. This feature allows users to tailor the pace to their speaking speed, resulting in a seamless and natural delivery.

Additionally, it offers a mirror mode that seamlessly integrates with professional teleprompter hardware and supports multiple Bluetooth remote controls for effortless navigation.

The user-friendly interface of The Elegant Teleprompter is thoughtfully designed, prioritizing simplicity and ease of use.

This makes it an excellent option for beginners while still offering the advanced features sought after by professionals.

The app is accessible on the Google Play Store, with the option to upgrade to a premium version for enhanced capabilities.

How To Use A Teleprompter App.

If you’re like me, you’ve probably downloaded a teleprompter app for your Android phone at some point and found it to be completely unusable.

I’m not sure what the developers thought when making these apps, but they did not design them with the user in mind.

That’s why I’ve put together this guide on how to use a teleprompter app, which hopefully will make using one of these apps much more bearable. Let’s get started!

You’ll be greeted with a blank screen when you open a teleprompter app. The first thing you need to do is add some text to the screen. To do this, tap the “Add Text” button at the bottom of the screen.

A new window will pop up where you can enter your text. Once you’re done, tap the “Done” button, and your text will appear on the screen.

Now that you have some text on the screen, it’s time to start the prompter! To do this, tap the “Start Prompter” button, and your text will start scrolling across the screen.

If you need to pause the prompter, tap the “Pause” button. When you’re ready to continue, tap the “Resume” button. That’s all there is to using a teleprompter app!


Overall, Teleprompter Lite is the best free teleprompter app for Android phones. It is free to download and use and has a clean and intuitive interface that makes it easy to use.

Plus, it comes with various features that can be helpful when you’re trying to deliver a smooth and professional speech or presentation.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Is there a free teleprompter app?

Teleprompter Pro Lite is the most popular free teleprompter app in the market. It is designed for Android phones and tablets. It is an easy-to-use app, which is ideal for beginners.

How can I get a free teleprompter?

Download the Camprompter app from the Play Store. The app was designed with the help of television and video professionals to provide the best experience possible.

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