Best Free Visual Voicemail App For Android In 2023.

The article asserts that smartphones are swiftly taking over telephony systems in various countries despite persistent issues with lag time. However, a key feature still lacking is a superior free visual voicemail app for Android in 2023.

(9 Best Free Visual Voicemail Apps For Android Phones.

Android offers many excellent visual voicemail apps that are all free of charge. Here are our top 10 selections for the finest free visual voicemail apps for Android.

1. Google Voice.

As one of Android’s finest free visual voicemail apps, Google Voice presents a visual voicemail inbox where all your voicemails are gathered.

You can directly listen to, delete, and save voicemails from this app. It also offers the ability to transcribe voicemails for later reading. Its user-friendly design makes it an excellent tool for voicemail management.

2. You Mail.

best free visual voicemail app for android

You Mail ranks among the top free visual voicemail apps for Android. Its impressive graphical interface allows for efficient voicemail management.

It displays the sender of each voicemail, enabling you to listen to and even delete them quickly. The app also lets you save and share specific voicemails with others, making You Mail an ideal choice for anyone seeking a user-friendly, feature-rich visual voicemail app.

3. Visual Voicemail.

best free visual voicemail app for android

The Visual Voicemail app is arguably the best. It allows you to view a list of your voicemails and select which ones you wish to listen to.

The app also allows you to delete voicemails without listening to them and notifying you of new voicemails, allowing you to return the call if desired. Its clean, decent interface enhances ease of use.

4. Epic Voicemail.

best free visual voicemail app for android

Epic Voicemail stands out among available voicemail apps. It’s incredibly user-friendly and boasts a sleek interface. Voicemail management is easy with this app; you can listen to your voicemails directly.\

It also features a transcription function, enabling you to read your voicemails instead of listening to them.

5. T-Mobile Visual Voicemail.

Innovatively designed to manage your voicemails, T-Mobile’s Visual Voicemail app is a visual version of your voicemail messages.

The app simplifies searching, reviewing, and replying to your messages. It guides you through deleting messages and creating a new mailbox, significantly easing voicemail management.

The app displays all your messages in an organized list, and you can filter them by date, sender, subject, etc. This feature saves time when replying to specific notes and allows you to download letters to see the original message and reply directly from the notification.

You can download the Visual Voicemail app for free and start using it immediately. All T-Mobile customers can access this convenient feature through their phones or computers.

It’s accessible without any restrictions or setup requirements. It’s an excellent app for responding to important emails on the go, helping you quickly search through all your messages and store new ones easily by guiding you through creating a new mailbox.

6. Prison Voicemail.

best free visual voicemail app for android

The Prison Voicemail app is perfect for staying in touch with incarcerated loved ones. This app allows easy sending and receiving of voicemails and tracking of important dates and events.

It’s highly user-friendly, and our customer service team is always ready to help you with any queries or issues. We strongly recommend the Prison Voicemail app to anyone looking for a convenient method of staying connected with their loved ones.

7. KPN Voicemail.

best free visual voicemail app for android

If you’re looking for a solid, reliable voicemail app, check out KPN VoiceMail. It’s one of the more popular voicemail apps on the Google Play store. KPN VoiceMail offers a range of features that make it an excellent choice for personal and business users.

You can easily customize your greeting, set up multiple mailboxes, and even transcribe your voicemails to text for later reading.

I’ve never encountered any issues with it, and I highly recommend KPN VoiceMail to anyone searching for a good voicemail app.

8. Big Planet Visual Voicemail.

Big Planet’s Visual Voicemail app is an excellent choice if you’re seeking a comprehensive, user-friendly visual voicemail app.

The app simplifies voicemail management with a graphical interface that shows who left a message and when. You can also quickly playback messages, delete them or save them for later.

The app integrates with your contact list, so you can see who’s calling even if their number isn’t stored in your phone. The Big Planet Visual Voicemail app, is an excellent option for anyone seeking a visual voicemail solution.

9. My Visual Voicemail.

best free visual voicemail app for android

My Visual Voicemail is an app I adore! It’s incredibly convenient to see all my voicemails in one place and listen to them when I choose. The app is easy to navigate and user-friendly. I highly recommend this app to anyone seeking a top-notch voicemail solution.

How Do I Activate Visual Voicemail On Android?

To activate visual voicemail on your Android device, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Phone app. This is the dial pad used for calling.
  2. Press the Menu button. This is often three dots or lines at the top or bottom of your screen.
  3. Tap on ‘Settings’. This is usually towards the bottom of the menu.
  4. Scroll down and tap on ‘Voicemail’ or ‘Voicemail settings’.
  5. Tap ‘Advanced settings’.
  6. Tap ‘Visual Voicemail’.
  7. Switch the toggle to ‘ON’.

Suppose you don’t see a visual voicemail setting. In that case, it means your carrier might not support this feature, or you might need to download a separate app for this, like Google Voice or another voicemail application.

Remember, features and availability may vary by carrier and location, so if you’re unable to activate visual voicemail following these steps, it’s best to contact your service provider for assistance.


The post suggests that the best visual voicemail for Android can be obtained by downloading a free app from the Google Play Store. But remember, before you download, read user reviews to learn what others say about it. This will allow you to decide on which app to download.


Is There A Free Visual Voicemail App For Android?

Yes, we listed the best free visual voicemail apps for Android. These apps are user-friendly with clean interfaces.

What Is The Best Visual Voicemail For Android?

T Mobile Visual Voicemail is the best app for Android. The app guides you through creating a new mailbox, displays all messages in a list-style format, and offers many more features.

Is Visual Voicemail A Free App?

Yes, it’s completely free. You can get it from the play store.

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