Best high graphics games for android 2022.

Hello, guys; I hope you all are well. In this article, I will show you the best high-graphics games for AAndroid. All these games will be released in 2022, and the game Quality is super high. All the games are smoothly played on high-end devices.

So if you play one of these games, ensure your device is capable of this. All the high graphics games require 6 or 8 GB of RAM and a powerful processor.

But if you have a low-end device, these games are played on your mobile, but the quality is not perfect. So Hope you like my article, so don’t waste time. Let’s go to the topic.

1. Mortal Kombat.

Mortal Kombat is a fighting game, and it is the best high graphics game for Android. It is developed by WB (Warner Bros).

In this game, You have to fight with the enemy and upgrade their skills. In this game, there are a lot of players each character has powerful skills.

Level up the character and upgrade their unique skills. Some players are paid, and some are unlocked when you finish the stage. There are two types of modes.

Single Player Mode.

There are a lot of stages. Select the stages, select your player with the best skills, and start the fight once you win the fight.

They get you the player cards. Some coins and gems. These gems and coins help you grow player skills like armor and others.

Multi Player Faction Wars.

In this mode, your fight is the opponent player. In the previous mode, single player, the opponent is a bot player.

But in this case, The opponent is a real player, and the fight experience must be accurate. You can easily play with your friends.


The game quality is so realistic even player muscles quality is excellent. The player skills quality is wild. One more thing. People love this game because at the time of showing the skills, the game has slow now, and the fastest tap for the skill button.

The more it grows, the more damage it will cause. All players have different skills and power. When you clear the stage, you will get a new player card. Unlock the character card and use it in the current fight to upgrade their skills.

There are many more functions, but we have added some of them. When you play the game, you know more.

2. WWE Mayhem.

Best high graphics games for android

There are many wrestling games for Android that you can download. The best wrestling game for Android is WWE Mayhem. WWE Mayhem is one of the best high-graphics games for Android 2022.

In a story-mode game, your startingr level is low, andyour fight with a high-level wrestler. The gameplay tutorial is. You have to see the line in the down, left corner, and the line has three sections 1 line, move line, and 2nd and 3rd are finisher lines.

Once you fight with a wrestler, the line automatically increases. When the first section line is complete, they show apply moves on the top of the line.

When the fight is started, press tap for the punches. Hold tap and release the wrestler to apply the move. The best thing I like is When your finisher line fills and the opponent wrestler line. For example, the opponent wrestler applies the finisher.

So when you see option reverse. Tap this option, and you apply the reverse on the opponent wrestler, pin it, and win the match.


It features high-quality graphics and realistic sound effects. The game also has excellent controls that make it easy to play on touch screens.

When you play daily, you collect some daily rewards. These rewards help you to upgrade your player. Increasing punching ability, and many more.

The graphics were not very good in the past, and the wrestlers looked like cardboard cutouts. The graphics are much better nowadays, and it looks like you are inside a wrestling arena.

The best graphics games for Android 2022 have high-quality graphics, such as WWE Mayhem. The game has many features that set it apart from other wrestling games.

3. World War 2.

Best high graphics games for android

World War 2 is the same as a Call Of Duty mobile game. This game is run on low-end devices if you have a 4 GB Ram or 3 GB ram phone.

The Call Of Duty is so modern battle game, and all the guns and snipers are so modern, but, In World War 2 game guns and weapons are the same as in the old-time world war, and all the weapons of thenaturall world war are added to this game.

The game interface is soexcellentl. And all the weapons used in the game are real-world war. If we talk about the modes, So there are 5 different modes and modes.

  • Team Death Match
  • Death Match
  • Point Capture
  • Hardcore
  • Custom Room


The game graphics quality is so extreme and I like the graphics very much. All the gunshots’ sound quality is super good, and the sniper scope quality is so realistic.

All the players are real online players in the battle royal. If you die, wait for 10 to 15 sec, and you will automatically be again on this battleground.

The game graphics are so good, like a pc game. If you play on the headphone, you hear a breath sound, and the gun’s sound quality are super cool.

One more thing that I like about it is that you make unlimited custom rooms and play with your friend. So these are all the graphics and functions.

4. Escape From Clive.

Best high graphics games for android

It is an open-world game, the best high graphics game for Android. The player’s goal is evacuation, and you need supplies. The supplies are medication and guns.

This will help you kill the enemy and apply medication when your health line is low. You collect the gun and medicate, and you die, so you lose all the supplies, and the next time you enter the match, you have an empty weapon.

I think you should try this game because the game concept is so interesting. I like it very much.


The best thing about these games is the graphics. The game graphics are so exciting, and the grass and texture quality is incredible.

Even the game developer says this game is made with the latest engine and advanced technology, which means you can play this game with high graphics on low-end devices easily. The gun sounds quality is excellent. The weather quality is super cool. Hope you like this game.

5. Injustice 2.

Best high graphics games for android

The last and exciting game is Injustice 2. It is the Best high graphics game for Android 2022. It is a fighting game, and it is developed by WB (Warner Bros). In this game, your first character is Batman, and you have to fight with superheroes like Superman, Wonder Woman, and many others.

So when you start the game, they show some fighting tutorials like 3 taps to punches. Hold tap and release for powerful punches. Slide right for the fastest attack punches.

Slide up for the flying kick and slide down to attack the dropkick. On the left side, the options tap for blocking when the opponent player attacks you.

On the right side, two options first are super powerful. When you apply this option, the story will come and show powerful skills. The second is the finisher. When the enemy is too low, you apply the finisher, and the opponent player dies.

So let’s talk about the game graphics quality being fantastic and so realistic. Like you watch a 3d movie and. When you apply the finisher, the soft edges are so cool.

There are three types of modes. Campaign, Arena, and Store modes. Overall the graphics quality is so good. The gameplay experience is excellent, and every superpower has different powerful skills. When you play the game, you know more.


So I hope you like my article and if you have any questions about this topic, you can quickly Contact Me. Or comment here.

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