Best Teleprompter App For iPhone, iPad, and Mac: 2023.

The Teleprompter app for iPhone, iPad, and Mac is a groundbreaking solution for content creators, speakers, and presenters seeking professional-grade prompting on their iOS platforms. As the best teleprompter app for iPhone, it skillfully balances functionality and user-friendliness, offering a seamless, intuitive user interface packed with dynamic features.

It supports various file formats, adjustable reading speeds, and text sizes, ensuring your scripts are flawlessly delivered. With options for mirroring and flipping hands, it’s compatible with standard teleprompter setups and can be customized to individual needs. Its standout features include voice recognition that pauses and plays as you speak, enabling hands-free control for smooth delivery.

With the Teleprompter app, iPhone users can be sure of an exceptional promoting experience, making their communication effective, professional, and engaging. No wonder it’s the top pick for users seeking the best teleprompter app for iPhone.

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Best Teleprompter App 2023.

1. Prompt Smart+.

Best Teleprompter App For iPhone

Prompt Smart+ is an exceptional teleprompter app combining advanced functionality and user-friendly features. It utilizes voice recognition technology, allowing the app to scroll your script automatically as you speak.

This hands-free experience is ideal for professionals who require precise control over their delivery. Additionally, PromptSmart offers a remote control feature, enabling you to control the teleprompter remotely using another iOS device.

2. PromptSmart Lite Teleprompter.

Best Teleprompter App For iPhone

This is an intelligent solution for anyone seeking intuitive, voice-guided teleprompting. With voice recognition technology that can follow your speech and scroll the text at your pace, it provides a smooth and natural prompting experience.

Although a lite version, it doesn’t compromise on necessary features, allowing adjustable text size, reading speed, and customization options, making it an excellent choice for creators on the go.

Best free teleprompter app for iPad.

1. Teleprompter for Video.

Best Teleprompter App For iPhone

Designed for content creators, Teleprompter for Video offers an easy-to-use interface with auto-scrolling text, adjustable speeds, and text sizes. It stands out for its video recording functionality, allowing users to record their delivery directly from the app. The resultant video, complete with the embedded audio, can be easily shared or saved, making it a convenient tool for video content creators.

2. BIGVU Teleprompter & Captions.

Best Teleprompter App For iPhone

BIGVU takes teleprompting to another level with its integrated video editing and captioning capabilities. Users can scroll their scripts at adjustable speeds and simultaneously record high-quality videos. Its standout feature is the automatic captioning service that transcribes and syncs text to the video, facilitating creation of engaging accessible content.

Teleprompter app for Mac.

1. Teleprompter Premium.

Best Teleprompter App For iPhone

Teleprompter Premium is the epitome of professional-grade teleprompting on your iPhone. It boasts impressive features, including customizable scripts, adjustable playback speed, and compatibility with Bluetooth remote controls.

Notably, it offers mirrored text functionality for use with teleprompter hardware. Its robust features and user-friendly interface make it ideal for professional videographers and public speakers.


Choosing the right teleprompter app for your iPhone can significantly enhance your speaking engagements and presentations. Each of the teleprompters above apps has unique features and advantages, catering to different user preferences and requirements.

PromptSmart impresses with its voice recognition technology, while Teleprompt+ provides extensive customization options. Teleprompter offers adjustable scroll speed and mirror mode, ParrotPrompt focuses on visual customization, and ProPrompter excels with its offline mode and Bluetooth controller compatibility.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I use my iPhone as a teleprompter?

You can use your iPhone as a teleprompter by downloading a teleprompter app from the App Store. Once downloaded, you can input your script into the app. Most apps have features to adjust the speed of the writing, the font size, and other formatting settings. Position your iPhone near your camera, start the script scrolling, and you’re ready.

Is there a teleprompter on iPhone?

The iPhone itself doesn’t have a built-in teleprompter feature. However, there are several third-party apps available on the App Store, such as PromptSmart Lite, Teleprompter Premium, Teleprompter for Video, BIGVU, and Video Teleprompter, that can effectively turn your iPhone into a professional teleprompter.

What app works like a teleprompter?

Several apps work like a teleprompter. A few examples include PromptSmart Lite, which features voice recognition to auto-scroll your script; Teleprompter Premium, offering extensive features for professional use; and BIGVU Teleprompter, which includes features like video editing and automatic captioning.

What is the best teleprompter app with voice tracking?

One of the best teleprompter apps with voice tracking is PromptSmart Lite. It uses voice recognition technology to follow your speech and adjust the text scroll speed to match your speaking pace, providing a smoother and more natural prompting experience.

How do you read a speech while looking at the camera?

It would be best to position your script close to your camera lens to read a speech while looking at the camera. This can be done by using a teleprompter app on your smartphone or tablet and placing the device just below or beside the camera. Apps like Video Teleprompter are explicitly designed to allow you to maintain eye contact with the camera while reading your script.

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