Can Instagram Show Your Active When You’re Not? The Detailed Guide: 2023.

Hey there, Instagrammers! Have you ever scratched your head wondering why you appear “active” on Instagram when you swear you’re not? It’s not just you; this has been a mystery for many. Let’s take a deep dive and get to the bottom of this.

App Running in the Background.

Instagram gets the memo if you switch to another app. If the Instagram app runs in the background of your device, The platform may show you as active.

This is especially true for smartphones where apps like Instagram stay in a sort of “sleep mode,” keeping your status as “active” for longer than you’d think.

Linked Devices.

Raise your hand if you’ve got Instagram on more than one device! You’re not alone. The tricky part is that each device has its way of showing your activity status.

If you’re signed in on multiple gadgets, your phone and laptop, You could appear active on one even if you’re not using it. It’s like juggling, only less fun.

Push Notifications.

This one’s a sneaker. You see a notification. You swipe to check it, and Instagram thinks you’re active. You don’t have to open the app fully; just that little interaction can update your status. Imagine being labeled as social when you’re just swiping away notifications. The audacity, right?

Connection Issues.

Last but not least, good ol’ Wi-Fi hiccups or data troubles can cause your active status to go haywire. If your internet connection is unstable, the app might struggle to update your actual status, leaving you perpetually “active” in the eyes of your followers. So, if you’re lying about being “active,” you can always blame it on the Wi-Fi!

Third-Party Apps.

Ah, third-party apps are the silent culprits. Some of these apps interact with Instagram in a way that keeps your session alive, making it appear like you’re online and scrolling away. One of Our Favourite are:


InLogs is one of our favorite apps to hide activity status easily. The app features a clean and intuitive design that makes navigation a breeze. It’s so easy to find what you’re looking for that you could probably do it with your eyes closed.

Can Instagram Show Your Active When You're Not


  • Get real-time updates on who viewed your profile, new followers, and much more.
  • Enhanced privacy settings allow you to hide your last seen and “active” status on Instagram.
  • Ever wondered how much time you’re spending scrolling? Now you can know with InLogs’ data tracking capabilities.
Can Instagram Show Your Active When You're Not

How To Use The InLogs App To Hide Your Instagram Active Status?

Step 1: Download and Install.

First, download the InLogs App from your app store and follow the installation instructions. Easy peasy!

Step 2: Connect Your Instagram Account.

Open the app and connect your Instagram account. This usually involves entering your login credentials, so ensure you have them handy.

Step 3: Navigate to Privacy Controls.

Once inside, head to the Privacy Controls section. You’ll see an option that says “Hide Active Status.”

Can Instagram Show Your Active When You're Not

Step 4: Flip the Switch.

Toggle the “Hide Active Status” button to “On.” Voila! Your Instagram activity now becomes your little secret.

Step 5: Confirm Changes.

Check Instagram to ensure the changes have taken effect. If all is good, you’re officially off the radar!

If Instagram Is Running In The Background, Does It Show Online?

If Instagram runs in the background, you might appear as “online” or “active” even if you’re not using the app.

This is because Instagram’s status indicator often considers background activity as online, which can mislead your friends or followers. To avoid this, you can log out or fully close the app.

How Long Does Instagram Show You Are Active?

Instagram typically shows you as “active now” for a short period after you’ve last used the app, usually for a few minutes. Here are a few steps that will show you 

Step 1: Timeline.

First, Instagram usually shows you as “active now” for a few minutes after using the app. This is the general rule of thumb.

If you’ve swiped out of the app but have yet to close it completely, Instagram considers you active for a short duration, usually under 5 minutes. This is Instagram’s default setting, so even if you step away from your phone, that little green dot might linger.

Step 2: Background Activity.

Let’s dig deeper. If Instagram runs in the background, it can extend your “active now” status even more. Many modern smartphones keep apps open in a ‘sleep state,’ which could lead Instagram to think you’re still active. It’s tricky and can sometimes make you appear online for much longer than you were.

Step 3: Multi-Device Effect.

Things get even more complicated if you’re logged into Instagram on multiple devices. Each device can have its own activity timeline, making you appear active for an extended period.

For example, if you check Instagram on your phone and then move to your laptop without logging out on the phone, you’ll show as active until both sessions are closed or become inactive.


Instagram’s “active” status can be quite misleading at times. You may appear “active” or “online” even when you’re not using the app due to factors like background activity, being logged in on multiple devices, or interacting with third-party apps.

Therefore, please don’t take the green dot as an absolute indicator of someone’s real-time activity; it has quirks and nuances.


Can you appear active on Instagram and not be?

You can! If the app runs in the background or you’re using multiple devices, you might appear active even when you’re not.

Why is my Instagram active when I’m not?

Blame it on background activity, multiple devices, or poor internet connection.

Why is someone active on Instagram but not showing?

Blame it on background activity, multiple devices, or poor internet connection.

Can you see the active status on Instagram if yours is off?

Nope, it’s a two-way street. If you hide your active status, you won’t be able to see anyone else’s either.

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