Do Cooling Apps Really Work? (Quik Answer) – 2023

Cooling apps reduce CPU usage and device temperature. While some users report improved performance, effectiveness varies based on the device and app.

Excessive use may cause battery drain. Therefore, while cooling apps can temporarily relieve device overheating, they are not a long-term solution, and it’s best to address the root cause of the overheating issue.

So you have two choices. First, try to cool down your phone manually.

To manually cool down your phone, follow these steps:

  • Remove the phone case to allow heat to escape.
  • Turn off unnecessary functions like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and location services.
  • Close any running apps.
  • Decrease screen brightness and enable airplane mode.
  • If the device is still hot, turn it off and let it cool naturally in a well-ventilated, cool place away from direct sunlight.

Some people use this method, and they get better results. When you cool down your phone manually, you can install a third-party app.

This third-party app allows you to maintain the heating of your phone and delete bugs, caches, and other malware. You can also easily download apps from the Play Store. But we also collect some of the best cooling apps worth it.

Do Cooling Apps Provide Effective Results?

Cooling apps have become super popular because they can help reduce CPU usage and device temperature. This is especially handy when you’re running heavy-duty tasks and want to optimize your device’s performance.

These apps monitor your device’s temperature and ensure it doesn’t overheat or cause performance problems.

Cooling apps might work differently depending on your device and your specific app. Things like your device’s hardware, operating system, and the app’s algorithms can all affect its effectiveness.

While some folks might see big improvements in performance and temperature, others might notice more subtle benefits or no difference.

Can Excessive Use of Cooling Apps Cause Battery Drain?

Yes, excessive use of cooling apps can cause battery drain. These apps constantly run in the background, using valuable system resources and significantly decreasing battery life.

It is important to use cooling apps sparingly and only when necessary, as their continuous operation can strain the device’s overall performance and longevity.

By being mindful of their usage and implementing them judiciously, users can balance maintaining optimal device temperature and preserving battery health in the long run.

Best Phone Cooler App For Gaming

Consider a gaming-specific cooling app if you’re a dedicated gamer and your phone overheats during intense gaming. These apps regulate device temperature and optimize performance for a smoother experience.

1 GearUP

Do Cooling Apps Really Work

GearUP is an effective cooling app designed specifically with gamers in mind. This app is renowned for detecting and eliminating the causes of overheating in mobile devices, ensuring that gamers can enjoy a seamless and uninterrupted gaming experience.

The app works by monitoring the device’s temperature in real-time, identifying apps that cause excessive CPU usage, and taking necessary measures to cool down your device.

It also has a feature that optimizes your device’s performance by cleaning junk files and freeing up memory space.

Do Cooling Apps Really Work

Key Features

  • Real-time temperature monitoring: GearUP can monitor your device’s temperature constantly, notifying you whenever it rises beyond normal.
  • CPU Cooling Downthe: GearUP has the unique feature of decreasing CPU usage and reducing the phone’s overall temperature by stopping the background tasks that cause the device to heat up.
  • Performance Optimization: By cleaning up junk files and freeing up memory space, GearUP enhances the performance and speed of the device, ensuring a smoother gaming experience.
  • Battery Saver: It also reduces your device’s energy consumption, helping to extend the battery life.

Phone Master

Do Cooling Apps Really Work

The app, which is highly rated and widely used, stands out for its proactive approach to various common mobile issues, such as overheating, slow performance, and battery drainage.

The app functions by continuously monitoring the phone’s status, identifying potential threats, and automatically taking necessary action to address issues.

It is like having a vigilant caretaker for your phone, always striving to keep the device in an ideal state.

Do Cooling Apps Really Work


  • Junk File Cleaner: Phone Master stands out for its ability to meticulously scan and identify unnecessary data files. The app cleans these files, freeing valuable storage space and enhancing performance.
  • Intelligent Battery Saver: Unlike standard battery-saving features, Phone Master’s battery saver is intelligent and adapts to user behavior. Learning your usage patterns can optimize power usage and significantly extend battery life, which is especially valuable when you’re on the move and can’t access a charger.
  • Wi-Fi Security Inspection: Phone Master goes beyond the traditional functions of a cooling app with features like Wi-Fi security inspection. It safeguards your online activities by checking the security level of the Wi-Fi you are connected to and alerting you of any potential threats.


The application monitors and reports battery usage, health, and performance metrics. It offers insights into the battery consumption of different apps and processes, allowing users to make informed decisions about managing their device’s battery usage.

Moreover, AccuBattery can also estimate battery lifespan based on past usage, helping users to plan accordingly.

Do Cooling Apps Really Work

Unique Features

  • Battery Health Monitoring: AccuBattery provides real-time tracking of battery health, offering users specific details about the current capacity of their device’s battery compared to when it was new. This feature helps users understand their battery’s status and implement strategies to prolong its lifespan.
  • Charge Alarm: To prevent overcharging, AccuBattery features a charging alarm that alerts users when the optimal charge level, typically around 80%, has been reached. This helps in maintaining battery health over longer periods.
  • Per-app Energy Consumption: AccuBattery gives detailed insights into which applications consume the most battery power. This information can help users manage their apps more effectively to save battery life.
  • Charge Speed Testing: With this feature, users can determine the fastest charger and cable for their device, ensuring efficient charging and optimal battery performance.


These three top-selected applications, GearUP, Phone Master, and AccuBattery, offer unique features to enhance your mobile device’s performance and lifespan.

Picking the right tool depends on your specific needs and usage, but rest assured, each of these apps will significantly contribute to a healthier, faster, and more efficient mobile device.

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