How Did A Stranger Message Me On WhatsApp? (The Truth) – 2023.

A stranger might message you on WhatsApp if they have obtained your phone number from a shared contact, group, website, or business card. Once they have your number, they can add it to their contacts and send you a message through the app.

How Did A Stranger Message Me On WhatsApp?

Now that we have covered the possible ways a stranger might message you on WhatsApp let’s delve into a detailed guide on how this happens:

Acquiring Your Number.

The first step for a stranger to message you on WhatsApp is that they have to obtain your phone number. This could be through various channels such as shared contacts, groups, websites, or business cards. They could also get it through nefarious means like data breaches or unsecured digital platforms.

Public Forum.

Did you know? You may have accidentally shared your phone number on a public forum, social media platform, or online directory. Stay vigilant and protect your privacy!

Mutual Friends.

Another way a stranger could message you on WhatsApp is through mutual friends. If a mutual friend has your phone number saved on their device and shares their contacts with a third-party application, that application could access your number.

If you’re part of a group chat where all members’ numbers are visible, any participant in that group can reach out to you personally.

Consequently, be careful about who can access your number and consider leaving groups where people you don’t trust are present.

Adding to Contacts.

Once the stranger has your phone number, they add it to their phone’s contact list. WhatsApp automatically syncs their contact list, meaning your number will appear in their WhatsApp contact list.

Group Messaging.

A stranger might also message you on WhatsApp through group messaging. WhatsApp allows any group member to add a new member if the group’s settings are not adjusted to prevent this.

Hence, if you’re added to a new group by someone who already has your number, other group members who are strangers can message you directly.

Be mindful of the groups you join and the information shared there. Remember: You can leave a group or adjust your privacy settings to require approval for adding you to groups.


With your number now in their WhatsApp contacts, the stranger can send you a message just as they would to any of their connections.


In today’s data-driven world, marketers also have the potential to acquire your number. They could get it from multiple sources like online purchases, registrations, subscriptions, or data-selling companies.

Once they have your number, they can add you to their contact list and send promotional messages via WhatsApp. While some marketing messages may be helpful, others can be intrusive.

To prevent unsolicited messages, always check privacy policies before giving out your number and avoid sharing it unnecessarily. Be cautious about the channels where you disclose your contact details.

Use Fake Profile.

Some users use a fake WhatsApp profile to maintain privacy and prevent unwanted messages. This involves using a secondary number not linked to the user’s primary contact information for WhatsApp registration.

By doing so, their actual number remains undisclosed to strangers and marketers. Though not foolproof, this method can help reduce the number of unsolicited messages received.

However, while exploring this option, it’s important to remember that honesty and transparency are crucial to building trust in any communication platform. Misleading others with a fake profile is not a recommended practice.

How To Prevent Strangers From Messaging You On WhatsApp?

How Did A Stranger Message Me On WhatsApp

To prevent stranger messages on WhatsApp, there are a few steps you can take:

Adjust Privacy Settings.

Go to your WhatsApp settings, click ‘Account’, then ‘Privacy’. Here, you can adjust who can see your profile photo, last seen, about, and status. You can share these only with your contacts or nobody at all.


If you receive a message from a stranger, you can block them. To do this, open the chat, click on the name or number at the top, scroll to the bottom and click on ‘Block’.

Two-Step Verification.

For added security, enable two-step verification. Go to ‘Settings’, then ‘Account’, and ‘Two-step verification’. This will prevent others from using your phone number on WhatsApp without a six-digit PIN.

Is It Safe To Open A WhatsApp Message From Someone You Don’t Know?

WhatsApp messages from unknown contacts can often be a cause for concern. While WhatsApp encrypts its messages end-to-end, ensuring only you and the person you’re communicating with can read the messages, there’s still risk involved with interacting with strangers. Here’s a guide to help you navigate this scenario:

1. Be Cautious Of Unknown Contacts.

Always be vigilant when you receive a message from an unknown contact. Do not open suspicious links or download files from unknown contacts, as they may contain malware or phishing scams.

2. Do Not Share Personal Information.

Under no circumstances should you share sensitive personal information (like credit card details, passwords, or other confidential data) with a stranger on WhatsApp.

3. Report Spam or Block Contact.

If you receive spam messages or messages that violate WhatsApp’s terms of service from an unknown contact, report the connection to WhatsApp. Furthermore, consider blocking the connection to prevent future communication.

4. Verify Contact’s Identity.

If an unknown contact claims to know you or has some connection to your social or professional networks, verify their identity. You can do this by asking questions only a genuine person would know the answers to.

Remember, it’s always safer to err on the side of caution when dealing with unknown contacts on WhatsApp.


A stranger messaging you on WhatsApp could result from them having your phone number, which may happen if your contact details have been shared or obtained without your consent.

Alternatively, you may be part of a group where your number is visible to all members, some of whom you may not know.

It’s essential to be vigilant, avoid sharing personal information, verify the identity of unknown contacts, report spam, and block connections when necessary. Always prioritise your safety when using WhatsApp or any other communication platform.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Is it safe to open a WhatsApp message from someone I don’t know?

It’s relatively safe to open a message in WhatsApp from an unknown source if you do not download any attached files or click on any links. Such files or links could contain malware or phishing schemes. Always be cautious and do not disclose any personal or sensitive information.

How do I stop strangers from messaging me on WhatsApp?

By adjusting your privacy settings, you can prevent strangers from messaging you on WhatsApp. Go to ‘Account’ > ‘Privacy’ > ‘Everyone’ to ‘My Contacts’ under ‘Who Can Add Me To Groups’. This way, only your contacts can add you to a group, thus reducing the likelihood of strangers messaging you.

How do I stop random people from messaging me?

Like the above, adjusting your privacy settings can help stop random people from messaging you. You can also block any unknown contacts who message you, preventing them from sending you further messages.

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