How To Change Keyboard Writing Style In WhatsApp, Business Whatsapp and more: 2023.

Changing your keyboard writing style in WhatsApp can give a personal touch to your messages. Whether it’s for fun or professionalism, various WhatsApp versions offer unique customization features.

This guide explores how to change the keyboard writing style in different WhatsApp versions.

How To Change Keyboard Writing Style In WhatsApp

WhatsApp offers text formatting options such as bold, italics, and strikethrough to change your writing style.

  • Open WhatsApp: Tap on the WhatsApp icon on your device to open the app.
  • Choose a Chat: Select the conversation where you want to send a styled message.
  • Type Your Message: Start writing the text you want to send in the chatbox.
  • Highlight the Text: Tap and hold the text you want to change, then drag the selection handles to highlight it.
  • Apply Formatting:
    • For Bold: After highlighting, add an asterisk (*) at both the beginning and end of the text. For example, Bold will make the text bold.
    • For Italics: Add an underscore (_) at both ends of the text. For example, Italics will italicize the text.
    • For Strikethrough: Use a tilde (~) at both ends of the text. For example, Strikethrough will strike through the text.
    • For Monospace: Use three backticks (`) at both ends of the text. For example, Monospace will change the reader to a monospace font.
  • Send Your Message: Tap the send button, and your message will appear in the chat with the selected style applied.
  • Using Menu Options (some devices): On specific devices, you can also tap the highlighted text to see a pop-up menu with options like “Bold,” “Italics,” “Strikethrough,” etc. Select the desired style, and it will be applied automatically.

How To Change Keyboard Writing Style In GB WhatsApp

1. Open GB WhatsApp.

First, you’ll need to open GB WhatsApp on your device. Tap the app’s icon to launch, showing your recent chats and contacts.

2. Access More Options.

Once you’re in GB WhatsApp, look for the three dots in the upper right corner of the main screen. Tapping these dots will reveal a dropdown menu with more options.

3. Navigate to GB Settings.

From the dropdown menu, select “GB Settings.” This is the hub where you can tweak and customize various aspects of GB WhatsApp.

4. Find the Font Option.

Inside “GB Settings,” you’ll find an array of features. Scroll down until you come across the “Change Font” option. This specific feature allows you to alter the writing style of your keyboard.

5. Explore and Pick Your Font.

Upon selecting “Change Font,” you’ll have a list of available fonts. Each font is visually unique, and you might find previews to help you decide. Take your time to browse through these options and choose the one that appeals to you the most.

6. Apply the Chosen Font.

After selecting a font, tap the “Apply” button. A prompt will likely appear, asking you to restart GB WhatsApp for the changes to take effect.

7. Restart GB WhatsApp.

Confirm the restart by following the on-screen instructions. GB WhatsApp will close and reopen, implementing the newly chosen font across the entire app.

8. Enjoy Your New Writing Style.

Now that you’ve applied the new font, you’ll notice that the keyboard writing style has changed in all your chats, status updates, and the app’s general interface.

How To Change Keyboard Writing Style In Business WhatsApp

How To Change Keyboard Writing Style In WhatsApp

1. Launch Business WhatsApp.

Begin by opening the Business WhatsApp application on your device. Tap the icon to take you to the main interface, where your chats and business tools are accessible.

2. Access the Chat Where You Want to Apply Styles.

Choose a specific chat from your chat list where you’d like to send a message with a custom style. Please tap on the conversation to open it.

3. Compose Your Message.

In the chat window, you’ll find a text box at the bottom where you can write your message. Type the content you wish to send.

4. Highlight the Specific Text for Styling.

Tap and hold a word or section of the text to which you want to apply the style. Handles will appear, allowing you to expand or contract the highlighted area.

5. Apply Your Desired Style.

Business WhatsApp doesn’t have built-in font-changing features, but it does allow standard text formatting like regular WhatsApp. Here’s how you can apply them:

  • For Bold Writing: Enclose the text with asterisks, like Bold.
  • For Italics: Utilize underscores at both ends, like Italics.
  • For Strikethrough: Use tildes, like Strikethrough.

6. Utilize Quick Replies for Consistent Styling (Optional).

If you frequently use certain text styles, you can set up “Quick Replies” with pre-formatted text:

  • Go to the main menu and select “Business Tools.”
  • Choose “Quick Replies.”
  • Create a new quick reply and apply the formatting using the earlier methods.
  • Save it for quick and consistent use in the future.

7. Send the Styled Message.

Once you’ve applied the desired styling, tap the send button, usually represented by a paper plane icon. Your styled message will appear in the chat window.

How To Change Keyboard Writing Style In TM WhatsApp

1. Open TM WhatsApp.

Start by tapping the TM WhatsApp icon on your mobile device. This will open the application, displaying your chat history and other features.

2. Access the Customization Settings.

Locate the three vertical dots in the top-right corner and tap on them to reveal a menu. Select “TM Mods” or the equivalent option that leads to customization settings.

3. Navigate to the Font Section.

Search for a section related to fonts or appearance within the customization settings. This may be labeled “Change Font” or a similar term in TM WhatsApp.

4. Browse Through Available Fonts.

TM WhatsApp usually offers a variety of unique fonts. Browse through the list, and you may find previews to help you visualize each font’s appearance.

5. Select Your Desired Font.

Once you’ve found a font that you like, tap on it to select it. Some versions may offer additional settings like size or color, allowing further customization.

6. Confirm Your Selection.

After choosing the font, there might be an “Apply” or “OK” button to confirm your selection. Tap on it to proceed.

7. Restart TM WhatsApp if Prompted.

Depending on the version of TM WhatsApp, you might need to restart the app for the changes to take effect. If prompted, confirm the restart.

8. Enjoy Your Customized Writing Style.

With the new font applied, your text within TM WhatsApp will now reflect the selected writing style. This change should be visible in the app’s chats, statuses, and other text fields.

9. Adjust as Needed.

Remember, you can always revisit the font settings to make adjustments or choose a different style. Feel free to experiment until you find the perfect look for your chats.


Personalizing your messages with different writing styles is simple and fun. Whether it’s the original WhatsApp or other versions like GB, Business, or TM, now you know how to spice up your chats.


How do I change my text style on WhatsApp?

You can change your text style by selecting the text and choosing from “Bold,” “Italics,” or “Strikethrough.”

How do I change my keyboard font style?

You can type bright letters by selecting various fonts and themes in GB and TM WhatsApp.

How can I type stylish letters on WhatsApp keyboard?

You can type bright letters by selecting various fonts and themes in GB and TM WhatsApp.

How to change the keyboard writing style in WhatsApp without any app?

Use the built-in text selection tools in regular WhatsApp to change the writing style without any additional app.

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