How To Check iPhone Unlock History | 2023.

Smartphone users commonly check the iPhone lock screen password on iOS devices. Many methods exist to check the phone’s unlock History without the passcode. In this post, We explain how to check iPhone unlock the account. So let’s get started.

How to Check iPhone Unlock History.

You can check your phone unlock History by going to “Settings” and “General.” From there, scroll down to the “Privacy” option and select “Lock Screen.” A menu should appear where you can see the previous unlock attempts of your device.

1. Smart Eye.

How To Check iPhone Unlock History

The Smart Eye app allows you to monitor who’s accessing your iPhone. It works just like an intruder alarm system. You set the App up to detect motion, sending you an alert whenever someone tries to access your device.

You can choose which areas of your iPhone are covered by the App. For example, you can set it so the alert goes off when someone touches your Home screen or enters the Camera application.

The best part is you can set a passcode lock to prevent someone from trying to enter sensitive areas without your permission.

2. Hidden Spy Camera Finder Pro.

How To Check iPhone Unlock History

It is a new spy app that will help you to locate all the hidden cameras in your home. You can also activate and deactivate them as you wish. Moreover, the App has a passcode set. This is very useful if you don’t want anyone to view the videos or pictures you record.

In addition, You can also use the App to record videos or take pictures. When you use the App, You can see who is using your iPhone and wApp is happening. Also, you may view every device linked to your network. You can also activate and deactivate them at will. Setting a passcode to prevent other users from using them is also gossip.

You will be able to record videos and take pictures using the App. You can view all the devices connected to your WiFi network. All of the drapes that are connected to your network can be managed.

3. iFonebox.

How To Check iPhone Unlock History

The App will allow you to monitor the activities of other people remotely. You can see all the data transmitted over your wireless network. Different features make the App easy to use. For example

  • You can lock or block the phone remotely.
  • You can also stop recording videos automatically.
  • You can remotely turn off the camera, microphone, and WiFi hotspot.
  • You can also remote wipe the phone.

All these options make the App easy to use.

How to check iPhone Activity log.

To check your iPhone Unlock History, you need to follow these steps.

  • Your iPhone can be connected to a computer via a USB connection.
  • Launch iTunes
  • Click on your phone and open it.
  • Click on the Summary tab and click on the button which sApp Activity.
  • A list of activities performed on your iPhone will appear on the screen.
  • Now, select the most recent activity and click on Details.
  • This is how the activity log will look like. This will give you an idea of how long your iPhone was locked.

This is how you can check your iPhone unlock History.

How to check if iPhone is unlocked IMEI.

To check the iPhone unlock History, you need to open iExplorer.On the Internet, this program is freely accessible. You must download and set it up on your PC. Once it has been installed, you can open the program.

This will allow you to access your iPhone to unlock your History. You can access the activity log from here. Also, each event’s details are visible.

How Can I Protect My iPhone From Unauthorized Access?

You can use the password of your iPhone, or you can put a passcode on it. A passcode is a number between 4 to 15 characters that you can set. The passcode can be used to protect your iPhone from unauthorized access. It can prevent people from getting access to your iPhone and its information.

You should make sure that you remember your passcode. Otherwise, You may lose your iPhone. It can also help you recover your iPhone if lost or stolen. It is a good idea to turn on the auto-lock feature if you will leave your phone unlocked.

This can help you to protect your iPhone from theft. If you don’t want anyone to look at your private data on your phone, you should remove all the photos, videos, and other data.

It would be best to consider removing your personal information, such as names, addresses, and other vital data. You should remove these files from your iPhone if you don’t want anyone else to see them. You should also remove all your contacts.

How to Check Recent Activity on iPhone?

The simple and easy way to check recent activity on iPhone is to use iCloud. When you use iCloud, it will keep all the information in one place. You don’t need to look in every folder and file to ensure you have everything. Your entire data will be protected.

You will be asked to enter your Apple ID and password when you open iCloud. Once you have done this, you will be taken to the service’s main screen. From here, you can access all your files and folders. You can also keep track of all your emails.

You can check your messages, mail, contacts, calendar, notes, reminders, and other settings. There is no need to look in every folder to determine if your data has been changed or deleted. If you are using iCloud, you can easily see which file was last modified. This is the best way to know when your iPhone is unlocked.


So, The Conclusion is that we have a handy application for iPhone. We can easily find out the unlock History of the iPhone. It is beneficial to know when the iPhone was unlocked. You can also check your email, messages, contacts, calendar, notes, reminders, and other settings. All your information can be found on the iPhone, and you can easily access it.

We hope this article can be of assistance to you. If you have any questions, please comment.


Can you see when your iPhone has been unlocked?

The iPhone has no built-in feature that allows you to see when it has been unlocked. However, you can see the last time your iPhone was unlocked by checking the usage statistics in the Settings app. Go to Settings > Battery > Last Charge Level, and you’ll see the time since your iPhone was last unlocked.

Can you see if someone tried to unlock your phone?

Yes, you can see if someone has tried to unlock your iPhone. If someone enters the wrong passcode too many times, your iPhone will be temporarily disabled, and you will see a message on the lock screen indicating that it is disabled.

How do you check how many times you unlock your iPhone?

You can check how many times you have unlocked your iPhone by selecting the Settings App and Screen Time. If you haven’t set up Screen Time, choose “Turn On Screen Time” and follow the prompts.

Once Screen Time is set up, you can see the number of times you have unlocked your iPhone by selecting “See All Activity” under the “Screen Time” section and then scrolling down to the “Pickups” section.

The number of pickups represents the number of times you have unlocked your iPhone. Note that this feature is only available on iOS 12 or later iPhones.

How can I check IMEI unlock status?

Go to the Settings App on your iPhone
Tap on “General”
Scroll down and select “About.”
Look for the “IMEI” number and write it down.
Visit your carrier’s website or a third-party IMEI checker tool and enter your IMEI number.
The checker tool should display information about your iPhone’s unlock status. If your iPhone is opened, the device should indicate it is unlocked. If your iPhone is locked to a specific carrier, the device should indicate which page it is locked to.

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