How To Find Someone On Reddit Without Their Username. (Quick Guide)

While Reddit doesn’t directly support searching for users without a username, you can search for content they’ve posted or comments they’ve made if you remember specifics.

Try using Reddit’s search bar with specific phrases or keywords associated with their posts or comments.

Can People See Your Reddit Username?

Yes, people can see your Reddit username when you post or comment on the platform. Whenever you engage in any activity on Reddit, whether it’s posting in a subreddit or commenting on someone else’s post, your username is publicly displayed next to your activity.

This allows other users to click on your name and view your profile. However, they will only have access to personal information if you’ve decided to share it in your posts or comments.

This transparency fosters a sense of community while maintaining the users’ online privacy.

How Do You Find Someone On Reddit Without Their Username?

Finding someone on Reddit without their username can indeed be challenging, but not impossible. Here is a Step Guide.

Step 1: Subreddits

First, think about the subreddits where the person you’re looking for is likely to participate. If they have a specific interest or hobby, they might be active in related subreddits.

Step 2: Use the Search Function

Use Reddit’s search function. You can search for relevant terms, posts, or comments that you remember them mentioning. This can be time-consuming but might lead you to their profile.

Step 3: Google Search

You can also try a Google search with their information and add “Reddit” to the search term. Sometimes, Google is better at searching Reddit than Reddit’s search function.

Step 4: External Tools

Use external tools or websites that index Reddit’s data. Websites like ‘Pushshift’ can be used to search through Reddit’s archive.

Do not use these methods to invade someone’s privacy or for any nefarious purpose. Reddit promotes a respectful community, and any form of harassment is against its terms of service.

How Do I Get Someone’s Email From Reddit?

How To Find Someone On Reddit Without Their Username

It’s crucial to note that Reddit prioritizes user privacy, making it challenging to obtain someone’s email directly from the platform.

However, if you wish to contact someone on Reddit, there are alternative methods available. Below is a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the process.

Step 1: Direct Messaging

If you know the user’s username, the most direct approach is to send them a private message. This can be done by visiting their profile page and clicking the “Send a Private Message” button. Keep your message respectful and clear.

Step 2: Commenting

If the user has recently posted or commented on a thread, you can leave a comment on their post asking them to contact you. It’s essential to maintain the community’s decorum and avoid sharing any private information in your comments.

Step 3: Moderators

If you are attempting to reach a user who happens to be a moderator of a subreddit, you can utilize the “Message the Moderators” functionality.

This feature is usually found in the sidebar of the subreddit. Remember to maintain a respectful tone and clearly articulate the purpose of your communication.

Step 4: Email via Reddit Gifts

If you’re both participating in Reddit Gifts, there’s a chance you could connect with them through the platform. Just remember, this feature is exclusively for exchanges related to Reddit Gifts and not for any other purposes.

Remember, your actions should always respect the privacy and preferences of other users. Unsolicited messages or harassment are against Reddit’s community guidelines and could lead to your account being banned.

How To Find Linked Reddit Accounts?

Nevertheless, there are a few strategies you can use to learn more about a Reddit user, including examining their comment and post history, searching their username on other platforms, and participating in the same communities.

Here is a step-by-step guide to these strategies:

Step 1: Examine Post and Comment History

Begin by looking at the user’s post and comment history, which can give you a sense of their interests and the subreddits they participate in. You may be able to find patterns or references to other accounts by carefully reading their posts and comments.

Step 2: Search Username on Other Platforms

If the Reddit user has used the same username on other social media platforms, you might be able to find more information about them there. Search the username on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram to check if there are accounts with the same name.

Step 3: Participate in the Same Communities

By participating in the same subreddits as the user and observing their interactions, you may be able to gather more clues about their linked accounts or connections. However, it’s crucial to respect boundaries and not engage in any harassing behavior.

Step 4: Use Google Search

Sometimes, using Google to search for the Reddit username or a user’s comments might yield links to other accounts or websites.

Please remember that these steps should be used responsibly, respecting the privacy of other users. Reddit users have a right to anonymity, and any attempt to breach their privacy could lead to penalties, including being banned from Reddit.


Finding someone on Reddit without their username can be a complex process that involves examining their post and comment history, searching for their username on other platforms, participating in the same communities, and using Google search.

However, it’s crucial to maintain respect for privacy and adhere to Reddit’s rules and guidelines. While these strategies can aid in your search, they should always be used responsibly, with the understanding that each Reddit user has a right to their anonymity and privacy.


Can a Reddit user be traced?

Tracing a Reddit user can be complex. While certain clues might be garnered from a user’s posts, comments, or communities, Reddit takes user privacy very seriously. Any attempt to breach privacy rules may lead to penalties.

Does Reddit tell you who searched your profile?

No, Reddit does not inform users who have been searching or viewing their profile. This falls in line with Reddit’s strong stance on user privacy and anonymity.

Does Reddit Track You Anonymously?

When a user is anonymous or uses a pseudonym, Reddit does not track personal identifying information. While the site collects data on site usage and behavior, this is not linked to specific individual identities.

Can people see if you view their Reddit?

No, people cannot see if you have viewed their Reddit profile. The site does not provide any sort of “viewed-by” feature. Users have the freedom to peruse profiles without the fear of being identified.

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