How To Uninstall BetterDiscord? (2023).

Go to your Discord settings, proceed to the “BetterDiscord” section, and click the “Uninstall BetterDiscord” button. This action will remove the application from your Discord, restoring the original settings. It’s important to ensure that your Discord application is restarted after the uninstallation for the changes to take effect. Now, let’s dive deeper.

Is BetterDiscord Safe?

While BetterDiscord offers several attractive features, including custom themes, plugins, and extensive customization options, its safety concerns many users.

Firstly, BetterDiscord has yet to be officially recognized by Discord. As such, using it can violate the Discord Terms of Service, potentially resulting in a ban.

Secondly, from a cybersecurity perspective, BetterDiscord does have potential risks. It’s an open-source platform, meaning the code is publicly accessible. While this can lead to community-driven development and rapid improvements, malicious users can also add harmful code into plugins or themes.

Therefore, if you decide to use BetterDiscord, it’s crucial to download plugins and themes from trusted sources only. Updating your BetterDiscord application is key to benefiting from the latest security patches. Always remember that your online safety should be a priority. In case of doubt, it’s better to stick to the official Discord application.

How To Uninstall Better Discord.

Uninstalling BetterDiscord is a straightforward process. Two main ways to uninstall the application are through your Discord settings or by manually deleting the BetterDiscord files.

Uninstalling From Discord Settings.

The easiest way to uninstall BetterDiscord is through your Discord app settings. To do this, open Discord and navigate to the “Settings” tab.

Select the “BetterDiscord” section from there and click the “Uninstall BettaDiscord” button. After clicking this button, BettaDiscord will be removed from your Discord app, restoring to the original settings. Make sure to restart your Discord app for the changes to take effect.

Manually Deleting Files.

If you want to delete the BetterDiscord files manually, you can do so from the directory in which they are installed. This is usually located on Windows at `C:/Users/YOUR_USER/AppData/Roaming/BetterDiscord.`

Simply delete the BettaDiscord folder and all associated files within it. Make sure to restart your Discord app for the changes to take effect.

It is recommended to use the Discord settings method of uninstalling BetterDiscord, as this ensures that all files are removed properly, and no residual files remain on your computer.

However, if you choose to delete them manually, make sure to do so carefully and completely. Uninstalling BetterDiscord will restore your Discord app to its original settings before installing the BetterDiscord plugin.

How To Uninstall BetterDiscord On Mac.

How To Uninstall BetterDiscord

Uninstalling BetterDiscord on a Mac device is similar to the process on a Windows device, and it can be done in two ways: through your Discord application settings or by manually deleting the BetterDiscord files.

Uninstalling From Discord Settings.

  1. Open the Discord application on your Mac.
  2. Click on the ‘Settings’ button, represented as a gear icon near your account information, at the bottom left of the Discord window.
  3. Scroll down the settings list on the left of the application, and click on the ‘Bandaged BD’ section.
  4. You’ll see the option ‘Uninstall Bandaged BD’ within the Bandaged BD section. Click this button to initiate the uninstallation process.
  5. Discord will confirm that you want to uninstall BetterDiscord from your application. Click ‘Okay’ to confirm.
  6. Restart your Discord application to ensure all BetterDiscord components have been successfully removed.

Manually Deleting Files.

  1. If you cannot uninstall BetterDiscord through the app, you can manually delete the BetterDiscord files from your Mac.
  2. Navigate to Finder, then go to ‘Go > Go to Folder…’ in the top menu.
  3. Enter `~/Library/Application Support/discord` into the text box and press ‘Go.’
  4. Find the ‘BetterDiscord’ folder, right-click it, and choose ‘Move to Bin’ to delete it.
  5. Restart your Discord application to ensure all BetterDiscord components have been successfully removed.

Uninstalling BetterDiscord On Linux.

Uninstalling BetterDiscord from a Linux device can be more complex than Windows or Mac. Still, it can be achieved by using the terminal to delete the BetterDiscord files manually.

Uninstalling BetterDiscord Using Terminal.

  1. Open the Terminal application on your Linux device. You can do this by pressing `Ctrl+Alt+T` or searching for ‘Terminal’ in your application menu.
  2. To locate the BetterDiscord directory, enter the following command and press Enter: `cd ~/.config/discord.`
  3. Now that you’re in the Discord directory, enter the following command to list all files in the directory: `ls.`
  4. Look for the ‘BetterDiscord’ folder in the list of files.
  5. Once you’ve located the BetterDiscord folder, enter the following command to delete it: `rm -rf BetterDiscord.`
  6. After you’ve deleted the BetterDiscord folder, restart your Discord application to ensure all BetterDiscord components have been successfully removed.


Although the process may seem slightly complicated, especially when manually deleting files, it ensures all components of BetterDiscord are completely removed from your system.

Remember to reboot your Discord application after the uninstallation to ensure successful removal. You can maintain a clean and optimized Discord setup by following the instructions diligently.


Is BetterDiscord a Bitcoin miner?

No, BetterDiscord is not a Bitcoin miner. It is a community-driven extension of Discord that allows for custom themes, plugins, and other modifications. However, like all software downloaded from the internet, it is crucial to download it from an official or trusted source to avoid malicious software.

Can Discord ban me for using BetterDiscord?

Yes, technically, Discord can ban you from using BetterDiscord. Discord’s terms of service prohibit the use of third-party applications or modifications, like BetterDiscord, which alter the Discord client. Using it may lead to account suspension or banning.

Why is my BetterDiscord not working?

Several issues may cause BetterDiscord to stop working. It could be due to outdated BetterDiscord, incompatible plugins or themes, or a recent Discord update that disrupts BetterDiscord’s functionality. In such cases, updating BetterDiscord, removing incompatible plugins or themes, or reinstalling BetterDiscord might solve the issue.

How do I uninstall plugins on BetterDiscord?

To uninstall plugins on BetterDiscord, navigate to your Discord settings and click on the ‘BetterDiscord’ section. Under this, click on ‘Plugins.’ You will see a list of all your installed plugins. Find the plugin you want to uninstall, and click the ‘Delete’ button next to it.

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