Most popular play store apps (Top 10 Popular Apps) – 2022.

Hey there, I’m back with another new write-up for you. This time, I’ll introduce you to the most sought-after apps on the Play Store. With hundreds of thousands of apps and games, Google Play Store is quite a labyrinth. Here’s a list of the most cherished apps boasting at least 50 million downloads.

The count of downloads follows each app name, along with a summary of its functionalities. So, take a glimpse at these widely loved apps. And if your favorite needs to be added to this list, drop me a comment, and I’ll include it in an upcoming article. With such an overwhelming variety of Play Store apps, it takes time to decide which to install. However, here are some of the crowd favorites:

1. Simple Calendar Pro.

In need of an affordable, easy-to-use calendar application? Look no further than Simple Calendar Pro. It’s a perfect match for those on a budget seeking a straightforward way to manage their schedule.

Its interface is user-friendly. Input your dates, and the app will form an organized, easily readable calendar. It operates offline, safeguarding your privacy. Its various features are an event reminder and a timer to monitor your daily productivity.

Simple Calendar Pro is an outstanding calendar application, especially for budget-conscious individuals. It’s straightforward, devoid of unnecessary extras, and, notably, easy on the pocket. Give it a try.

2. Magnet Search.

Torrent users, here’s your must-have app. Use Magnet Search to locate movies, web series, and much more. It displays the best results for your search. Select a link, and you’re presented with three options: Copy the Link, Share Link, and Download. Click on ‘Download’ to start downloading your movie or web series. It’s a standalone app, meaning no browser is required. It’s mainly designed for torrent users.

3. Gramly.

In simpler terms, Gramly is an Instagram editor app. It’s loaded with features for editing, like Post, where you copy your friend’s post URL and paste it into this app to download it. The same goes for downloading your friend’s stories and reels. The Grid Post section allows you to edit and customize the size of your posts. Plus, it offers No Crop, Stylish text, Color Picker, Hashtag, DP Downloader, Gallery, and IG History. Instagram users, you’ll find this app incredibly useful.

4. Night Screen.

Night Screen is your savior if you frequently use your phone late at night to read articles or watch videos. It may strain your eyes even when you reduce your screen’s brightness. Night Screen further reduces the intellect, making it comfortable for your late-night phone use.

5. App Sales.

I’ve been a long-term user of App Sales. It’s a great app that makes paid apps from the Play Store available for free. You’ll find apps on sale, free apps for a limited time, and apps offered at a 50% or 60% discount. It’s a one-stop shop for all premium apps at no cost.

6. BASIT Icon Pack.

One of the most adored icon pack apps, BASIT Icon Pack, offers a vast collection of linear pack icons. What’s fantastic is that it’s free on the Play Store. Its colorful icons blend with the natural app colors, enhancing your phone’s look. If you prefer a simple appearance for your phone and need linear applications, this app is for you.

7. Walldrobe.

walldrobe is a wallpaper app associated with Unsplash. It features numerous wallpapers captured in high quality from Unsplash. Each wallpaper displays details at the bottom, like likes, save options, published date, and total views. Download wallpapers and set them as your Home screen, Lock screen, or both.

8. Edge.

Most popular play store apps.

Edge adds a touch of shortcut magic to your smartphone. Download the app, which adds advantages to your side screen, creating an array of shortcuts on the edge panel. It’s convenient for users with larger smartphones.

9. Battery Guru.

most popular play store apps

Battery Guru is an essential app. It provides comprehensive information about your battery and suggests tips to enhance battery health. It auto-detects your battery capacity and informs you of your battery’s actual capacity. It even tells you about one-minute mobile usage, battery duration, charging and discharging data, and more.

10. Widgetopia.

Most popular play store apps.

Widgetopia is a top-rated widget app. It offers a plethora of widgets, resembling IOS widgets and some even more appealing. The best part is that you can customize your widget size and drag and drop to apply the device. If you like gadgets, you’ll love this app.


I hope you enjoyed my article. All these apps enjoy immense popularity on the Play Store. If you have any questions, I will do my best to answer them. Or you can Contact Me. Until next time, happy app exploring!

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