Top 10 Offline Games On Mobile.

Mobile games have become a part of our daily lives. As we are busy with our work and other things, we play games for entertainment and to pass our leisure time. In this blog, I will list the top 10 offline games on mobile that everyone should try at least once.

1. Into the dead.

Into the Dead is a zombie-themed game you can play offline on your mobile. It is a top 10 offline game in the Apple App Store.

An independent developer created the game, and it has been downloaded over 100 million times. It is available in both English and Japanese languages. The game has been in the top 10 offline games on mobile for the past few months.

Top 10 Offline Games On Mobile

Into the Dead is all about the zombie apocalypse. You are an ordinary person who wakes up to find that zombies have taken over your city.

However, You must survive and escape from the city to discover what happened to you and how you can save humanity from this apocalyptic event.


In this game, you can explore various parts of your city and meet other survivors to build a group with which you can survive together.

After that, the game is offline and can be played on mobile. It is one of the best zombie games on mobile.

It has straightforward but addictive gameplay. The game has a story mode, where you must find the cure for the zombie disease, and a survival mode, where you must survive as long as possible against hordes of zombies.

Dead Trigger 2.

Dead Trigger 2 is a zombie first-person shooter game. It is free, and it has a lot of weapons, missions, and maps. Its features include day and night cycles, different weather conditions, character customization, etc.

Moreover, The game allows you to play with your friends online or locally. This is the most popular offline game on mobile. It is a zombie shooting game.

That has been downloaded more than 10 million times. The graphics are very realistic, and the gameplay is also very addictive. The best zombie game on mobile is Dead Trigger 2.

Top 10 Offline Games On Mobile

It has an exciting storyline with many different missions and a lot of weapons to choose from. The graphics are excellent, and it’s easy to control the game with one finger.


Dead Trigger is a zombie-themed FPS game for mobile devices. The game has a single-player campaign, multiplayer, and survival modes. Madfinger Games developed the Dead Trigger game. The same company that created Shadowgun.

Dead Trigger is one of the best offline games on mobile and one of the best zombie games on mobile.

3. Ninja Arashi.

Ninja Arashi is a fighting game that you can play offline. It has exciting gameplay and a lot of characters to choose from.

The game is available on iOS and Android devices. It has been downloaded by more than 10 million people worldwide. It can be played on the browser.

Top 10 Offline Games On Mobile

The game is free to download and offers in-app purchases that allow players to buy power-ups, characters, or even whole new modes for their games. It also has a multiplayer mode to challenge other players worldwide in real time.

You can play as one of the four ninjas – Ryuya, Goro, Saburou, or Kenji – or as one of the many bosses.


Ninja Arashi is an action-packed fighting game with a uniquely designed world. In this game, you can choose your fighter and battle against other ninjas worldwide.

Top 10 Offline Games On Mobile

It would be best if you fought through different stages, such as the forest, volcano, and sky. Many experts have ranked This game among the top 10 offline mobile games because of its exciting gameplay.

The player takes control of a ninja who has to defeat an army of ninjas to become the strongest ninja in the world. The gameplay consists of fighting, jumping, and using swords, daggers, throwing knives, bombs, arrows, or shuriken to defeat opponents or complete objectives.

4. Smash Hit.

Top 10 Offline Games On Mobile

The new smash-hit game is finally here! This highly anticipated release will surely be a hit with gamers of all ages. Featuring stunning graphics and an immersive gameplay experience, this game is a must-have for anyone looking for excitement.

Top 10 Offline Games On Mobile

With hours of gameplay to enjoy, this game will keep you entertained for days. So what are you waiting for? Pick up a copy of the new smash hit game today!

5. Water Color Sort.

This game is a puzzle game with a relaxing theme. You will have to sort the colors from the top of the screen to the bottom By moving them one by one. It’s so simple and easy that it’s suitable for all ages, over 10 million times on Android and iOS devices.

Top 10 Offline Games On Mobile

The watercolor painting game is a relaxing toy for your brain. It has a simple interface, and it is easy to play. The game will allow you to paint with watercolors, relax your brain, and explore the world of art and creativity.

6. Score Hero.

Score Hero is a football game First Touch Games Ltd created it. When you play the game, it will ask you the privacy policy that you are 16+ or 16-17 and 18+. So you select the number that is your age.

After that, you see the play button option, and then you select your character hero, and it will ask you to select the character flag name, which means home name. Then the match starts. You entered on the ground. The character is running on the ball.

Top 10 Offline Games On Mobile

Before the first time you play, It will help you, and they suggest the player stop on the ball. And swipe up to try and kick the goal.

You do like 3 4 times from different angles. Once you have kicked the goal, you get on level 2. Starting is challenging to play.

After that, the game graphics quality is extreme, and the character quality is super good.

7. Traffic Rider.

Top 10 Offline Games On Mobile

Traffic Rider is a motorcycle racing game. It was created by the company name Soner Kara. So you play the game. First, you select the bike, then the game map, and then the game starts. There are three options: race boost and break.

You pass the mission time by time, collect the coin reward, and then go to the setting and get more bikes, which is costly, but the duration is excellent. It has Four types of maps: clear, Traffic.

Top 10 Offline Games On Mobile

Signals and Timeline. After that, let’s talk about the game graphics. The graphics quality is super good; bikes are shiny, the hand quality is realistic, and once you have an accident, your bike, the player flies and drop down on the road, and the helmet break.

8. Sniper 3D.

Sniper 3D is a sniper shooting game. So basically, the game is online/offline. Both are available. Your choice is what you play.

When you start the game and select the sniper gun, suggest you hint that the enemy has to wear a black suit or sit in the car.

The car is red like this, and then you sit on the building and aim at the central location to find the enemy once the police have caught the enemy.

Top 10 Offline Games On Mobile

The enemy has alerted and grabbed a hostage at gunpoint, and our mission time limit is too short. The police officers aim at the enemy, and the enemy tries to run out from the other place, so the enemy points the gun at the hostage. Let’s hurry and set aim on the head and fire it. After that, the hostage is safe, and the mission is complete.

9. Dr. Driving.

Dr. Driving is a drive-testing game. Sud Inc. creates it. When you play the game, it will suggest its testing conditions.


Your car is on the road and then turn it you can press the brake and turn it if the car is drifting, and then you receive feedback well.


It means you have limited fuel, and your task is to go to another place with low-end fuel. Sometimes, it’s hard to clear the mission. But then you go to the location with limited fuel. Then your mission is complete.

Top 10 Offline Games On Mobile


Same thing the parking is related to VIP escort. On the left, you see the parking timeline at the line end; you will see a message to park the car. You can park the vehicle and complete the mission.

Broken Break.

It means the car has no break, and you have to go to another location, but there is no break. One time you accelerate the car then you manage the vehicle how to turn or how to save from another vehicle, and you can go to the endless point where your mission is complete.

Top 10 Offline Games On Mobile


So your vehicle is a truck, and your mission is you go to another location. But it isn’t easy when you turn the truck sometimes. You have never passed the mission, but with more practice, you clear the stage.


The lane means your vehicle is on the highway; on one left, you see a lane line, but it’s not filled. It’s blank. You drive the vehicle, the lane line increases and the lane line is complete; you complete your task.


On the left side, you see the timeline, and your mission is going to another location before ending the timeline.


Your vehicle is on the highway. And your mission is to finish the highway line in a short time. Your mission is completed.

10. Traffic Racer.

Traffic Racer is a top 10 mobile and car racing offline game. It was developed by the company name Soner Kara. You select a game mode once you play a game and select a car and colors.

Top 10 Offline Games On Mobile

There are many game modes like endless one-way, Endless two-way, Time real, Freeride, and Police chase. But, If you are a new player.

Because you need a police car to enable this option one by one, you play the mode you know more, the game graphics are great, and the sound quality is evident. I hope you like all of these games.


I hope you like the article comment here. Which one is your favorite? Visit my site to see more exciting apps. See you guys in the following article.

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