What Are The Best Apps For Cleaning Services?

Jan 25, 2024 by Syed Maaz

Cleaning service apps have transformed how we manage household chores and professional cleaning businesses.

These digital apps simplify booking, offer organizational solutions, and ensure efficient service delivery. Among these apps, the Maids App stands out as a noteworthy recommendation.

It efficiently connects homeowners with reliable maid services in their vicinity, ensuring a spotless home is just a few taps away.

So, if you’re overwhelmed with household duties or just need a professional touch, turn to the Maids App for a hassle-free cleaning experience.

The Top 4 Best Apps For Cleaning Services.

1. Jobber.

Jobber has made quite a splash in the realm of service business software. Catering predominantly to small and mid-sized businesses, it offers a suite of tools that promises to take the hassle out of managing daily operations.

The interface is intuitive and user-friendly. It doesn’t take a tech wizard to navigate through Jobber. With its sleek design and easy-to-understand icons, it’s clear that a lot of thought went into the user experience.


  • You can store client details, view their job history, search for specific clients, and set follow-up reminders.
  • It allows you to assign staff jobs based on availability, and you can even notify clients when a worker is on their way.
  • With Jobber, You can send online invoices, accept payments, and even send automated follow-up reminders for overdue payments.
  • Jobber’s quote management tool allows you to create, send, and track quotes, ensuring you never miss an opportunity again.
  • Jobber’s time-tracking tool is a godsend for businesses that bill by the hour. Employees can log their hours, and managers can review and approve them, all within the app.


  • A comprehensive suite of tools suitable for varied business needs.
  • The mobile app is available, making it easy to manage on the go.
  • User-friendly design and interface.
  • Regular updates and responsive customer support.


  • While it caters to many service businesses, some niche businesses might find specific tools lacking.
  • The pricing may be steep for freelancers or tiny businesses.

2. Justlife (Home Services).

The app boasts a sleek and intuitive design, making navigation a breeze. Users of all tech proficiencies will find it user-friendly, with clear categories and easy-to-understand icons.


  • Beyond cleaning, Just Life offers various services, including plumbing, electrical work, gardening, and more.
  • With a few simple taps, users can schedule a service, choose their preferred time slot, and even select their favorite service provider based on ratings and reviews.
  • The app ensures that all professionals are vetted, certified, and regularly reviewed to maintain a high standard of service.
  • No hidden fees or surprise charges. Before confirming a booking, users receive a clear breakdown of costs.
  • Once a service is booked, users can track the service provider’s progress in real-time, ensuring timely service delivery.
  • Post-service, users can leave reviews and rate their service provider. This ensures accountability and aids other users in making informed decisions.


  • Providing a wide range of services under one roof.
  • Transparent pricing and trusted professionals for peace of mind.
  • Seamless booking and real-time tracking for convenience.
  • Robust review system ensuring consistent service quality.


  • While it offers many services, there might still be some niche home services not covered.
  • Availability might vary based on region and demand.

3. Tody.

Tody is designed to motivate users to clean by breaking tasks down into manageable chunks, prioritizing them, and setting reminders.

With its clean interface and user-friendly design, Tody is refreshingly straightforward. The app does a commendable job of presenting tasks without overwhelming users.


  • Today doesn’t just offer a generic cleaning list. Instead, it allows users to customize tasks based on their home and preferences, ensuring the schedule is tailored to individual needs.
  • Instead of being overwhelmed by a never-ending to-do list, Tody employs a color-coded system to indicate which tasks are overdue or coming up soon. This allows users to tackle chores based on urgency.
  • As tasks are completed, users can see their progress through visual cues. This sense of achievement can motivate, making cleaning less like a chore.
  • You can set cleaning schedules for multiple locations, whether it’s your primary residence, vacation home, or office.


  • Highly customizable to individual needs.
  • Motivational cues to encourage regular cleaning.
  • Collaborative features make shared living situations easier to manage.
  • Clear, intuitive design aids in easy navigation.


  • Some users might find the need for regular input tedious.
  • The complete feature set might require a premium subscription.

4. Turnify.

Turnify sports a simple, intuitive design, making it easy to navigate. The tasks are neatly presented, and the color-coded priority system is straightforward to understand.

Turnify lets you create a personalized cleaning checklist that fits your needs. Whether it’s daily chores or monthly deep-cleaning tasks, you can add them all to your list.

With Turnify, you can set reminders for each job, ensuring you stay on track with your cleaning schedule.


  • Turnify lets you prioritize tasks based on urgency, helping you decide what needs to be tackled first.
  • Turnify lets you mark tasks as completed, visually representing your progress. It’s a simple yet effective motivator.


  • Customizable cleaning lists tailored to personal needs.
  • Reminders and priority systems help manage cleaning tasks effectively.
  • The collaborative feature is great for shared living situations.
  • The progress tracker adds a sense of accomplishment.


  • It might be essential for users looking for more comprehensive home management features.
  • A subscription might be required to access all features.

What is the Best App to Find Clients for Cleaning Services?

There are several apps and platforms that cleaning service providers can use to find clients. But the one app who actually worth it.


Thumbtack has proven to be an invaluable tool for my cleaning service business. It’s a well-designed platform that offers a seamless experience for both service providers and customers.

Here are some key aspects of my experience with Thumbtack:

User-Friendly Interface

Thumbtack’s user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate. Creating a profile for my cleaning business was straightforward, allowing me to include all the essential details about my services, such as pricing, service areas, and availability.

Lead Generation

Thumbtack consistently generates leads for my business. I receive notifications for cleaning service requests in my area, and the platform matches me with potential clients based on their specific needs. This feature alone has helped me expand my customer base significantly.

Transparent Pricing

Thumbtack provides a clear pricing structure, which I appreciate as a service provider. They charge a fee for each lead you respond to, which is competitive and reasonable considering the quality of leads I’ve received.

This transparent pricing model ensures that I only pay for potential clients who are genuinely interested in my services.

Customer Messaging

The messaging feature on Thumbtack makes it easy to communicate with potential clients. I can answer questions, provide quotes, and share additional information directly through the platform, streamlining the process of securing new cleaning jobs.

Reviews and Ratings

Thumbtack allows clients to leave reviews and ratings after the completion of a job. Positive reviews have helped build trust and credibility for my cleaning business, making it easier to attract new clients.

Mobile Accessibility

The Thumbtack app is available on both iOS and Android devices, enabling me to stay connected with potential clients on the go. This accessibility has been a game-changer in terms of responsiveness and securing new business opportunities.

Customer Support

Thumbtack offers reliable customer support. I’ve had a few questions and concerns along the way, and their support team has been prompt and helpful in addressing my inquiries.

Thumbtack has become an integral part of my cleaning service business. It provides an efficient way to connect with clients, streamline communication, and grow my customer base.

The transparent pricing, user-friendly interface, and the ability to showcase my services make Thumbtack an excellent choice for any cleaning service provider looking to expand their clientele. It’s a platform that I highly recommend to fellow professionals in the cleaning industry.

How To Choose The Best App For Your Cleaning Service Needs.

African Woman Mopping Corridor Besides Caution Sign

There are a few things you should take into consideration when choosing an app for your cleaning service business.

The first is whether the app is compatible with your devices. Many apps are only available for certain types of devices, so it’s important to make sure the app you choose is compatible with the device you’re using.

Another thing to consider is the cost of the app. Some apps are free, while others have monthly or yearly subscription fees. It’s important to consider how much you’re willing to spend on an app before making your decision.

Finally, you should also read reviews of any cleaning service apps you’re considering before making your decision. Reading reviews can help you get a better idea of what other people think of the app and whether or not it would be a good fit for your needs.

Tips For Using An App For Cleaning Services.

Apps For Cleaning Services

Assuming you are looking for tips for customers of cleaning services:

  • Check reviews before hiring a cleaning service through an app. This will give you an idea of quality and what others’ experiences have been.
  • Get quotes from a few different cleaning services before making a decision. Compare not only the price but also the services offered and what is included in the quoted price.
  • Schedule your cleaning for a time when you will be home so that you can let the cleaners in and answer any questions they may have.
  • Be specific about what areas of your home or office you would like cleaned and what kinds of cleaning products you prefer to use.
  • If possible, try to leave cash tips for the cleaners at the end of their visit rather than adding them to your bill through the app.


These apps encompass various features designed to cater to varied user needs, from personalized cleaning schedules to collaborative task management.

As household responsibilities continue to evolve, it’s clear that such apps are becoming an integral part of our daily lives, transforming the way we approach cleanliness and organization.


What is the app to find clients for cleaning services?

Jobber and Maids App are excellent choices for businesses looking to find clients and manage their cleaning services efficiently.

Are there any good cleaning apps?

Absolutely! Apps like Tody and Turnify can help you keep track of cleaning tasks, ensuring your space remains sparkling.

Is there an app that helps you clean your room?

Today is a fantastic app that assists you in prioritizing and tracking cleaning tasks for your room and the entire home.

Is there a free cleaner app?

Many cleaning apps offer free versions or trial periods. However, some features might be limited in the free version, so checking the details in the app store is always a good idea.

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