What Does Mutual Friends Mean on Snapchat (Best Guide) – 2023

Have you noticed the number under people’s names on Snapchat? This shows how many “mutual friends” you share with that person.

Mutual friends represent who you both know in common on Snapchat. In this post, I’ll explain what mutual friends are and how Snapchat determines who they are.

Understanding mutual friends can provide insight into your connections with other users.

What Does Mutual Friend Mean on Snapchat?

Snapchat’s “mutual friends” feature shows you when you have connections in common with another user.

The number of mutual friends displayed provides context about how you may know someone through your shared Snapchat connections.

How Snapchat Determines Mutual Friends

Snapchat identifies mutual friends based on who is in both your and the other person’s Snapchat friend lists. 

The Mutual Friends Number 

When viewing someone’s profile, you’ll see a number under their name indicating how many mutual friends you share. This number represents the friends you have in common on Snapchat.

For example, seeing “John Smith – 12 mutual friends” means you and John have 12 friends in common on Snapchat.

Why Mutual Friends Matter

Having mutual friends on Snapchat with someone generally means:

  • You likely share common connections and social circles outside of Snapchat.
  • You may have met in person or know some of the same people.
  • Your shared connections increase the likelihood that you know each other.

Seeing the mutual friends count gives context about your connection to a user based on your overlapping social networks.

What Mutual Friends Say About Your Relationship 

The number of mutual friends you share can provide insight into your relationship with someone.

Few or No Mutual Friends

0-1 mutual friends suggest you have little or no shared social connection on Snapchat. This likely means you need to learn about each other offline, too.

Some Mutual Friends 

2-9 mutual friends indicate you have some overlaps in your social circles on Snapchat. You may know some of the same people but not very closely.

Many Mutual Friends

10+ mutual friends means you share a lot of connections on Snapchat. You likely run in the same social circles and know each other well offline.

20+ Mutual Friends Snapchat

Having 20 or more mutual friends on Snapchat implies you and the other user share extensive connections and run in similar social circles. Some key things 20+ mutual Snapchat friends signify:

  • You likely have many friends, acquaintances, family members, coworkers, etc., in common outside of Snapchat. Your broader social networks interconnect heavily.
  • You probably attend the same school, workplace, church, or live in the same neighborhood. Lots of mutuals means you physically share common spaces.
  • With 20+ mutual friends, you almost certainly know one another well beyond just Snapchat. You have likely met in person and interacted outside the app, too.
  • Having many friends in common means you are part of the same greater community, whether a school, work, religious, or other group. You share communal ties.
  • The specific mutual friends can provide insight into how you are linked and where your circles overlap. Look at the mutuals to identify connections.

Identifying Connections

Tap on the mutual friends count to see the specific friends you have in common. This helps identify through whom you may be connected to the user.

Understanding mutual friends on Snapchat provides insight into your shared connections with others on the app. It gives context to relationships based on overlapping social circles and networks.

Can You See If Someone Has Mutual Friends on Snapchat?

Yes, Snapchat allows you to see mutual friends with other users. When you view someone’s profile on Snapchat, you will see a number under their name indicating how many “mutual friends” you share.

For example, if you go to John’s profile and see “John Smith – 8 mutual friends”, you and John have eight friends on Snapchat. This number will appear for every user profile you visit where you have overlapping friends.

Tapping on the mutual friend count will show you a list of the specific Snapchat friends you have in common with that person.

From here, you can see exactly which connections you share. So Snapchat does provide a mutual friends feature that lets you identify when you and another user have friends in common.

The number of mutual friends displayed gives insight into how closely you are connected on Snapchat based on your shared social circles and networks. Checking mutual friends is an easy way to see if and how you are connected to someone on the app.

How To Check Mutual Friends On Snapchat?

Here is a detailed guide on how to check mutual friends on Snapchat with relevant headings:

Snapchat’s mutual friend feature lets you see which of your friends also know another user. Checking your mutual connections provides insight into how you may be linked to someone on the app.

Viewing Mutual Friends on a Snapchat Profile

When you view someone’s profile on Snapchat, look under their name for the “mutual friends” indicator. This will show up as:

“[Name] – X mutual friends.”

Where X is the number of friends you share with that person, tap on the mutual friends count to see exactly who those connections are.

How to See Mutual Friends Without Adding Them

You can check mutual friends without adding someone as a friend on Snapchat.

Search for Their Profile

  • Go to the Snapchat search bar.
  • Type in their exact Snapchat username.
  • Select their profile from the results.

This will bring up their profile, showing your mutual friends count without sending a friend request.

View Mutual Friends from Chat

If you have an existing chat history with someone:

  • Open your Snapchat chats.
  • Tap and hold on to their name in your messages.
  • Select “View Profile” from the menu.

You can then see how many mutual friends you have without adding them as a friend.

Why Check Mutual Friends?

Seeing mutual Snapchat friends can:

  • Identify connections in common.
  • Provide context on how you may know someone.
  • Show if you share social circles.

Checking mutuals gives insight into your relationship with other Snapchatters.


The mutual friends feature on Snapchat acts like a relationship barometer. The number of connections you share with another user shows how closely linked you are.

Few mutuals mean you barely know one another, while abundant mutuals suggest your social circles heavily overlap.

Checking who those mutual friends are identifies the specific bridges between you. So unlock insights into your Snapchat relationships by glancing at the mutual friends count.

This simple number encapsulates the degree of closeness between you and any other Snapchatter.

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