What Does The Purple Star Mean on Twitter? 2023

What Does The Purple Star Mean on Twitter

Twitter has begun to verify accounts with a new purple star badge rather than the traditional blue checkmark. This purple verification signifies that the account belongs to someone notable in a specific field.

What Does a Purple Star Mean?

The purple star on Twitter signifies that the account has been authenticated as a credible source of information within a specific area of expertise. It allows readers to identify trustworthy accounts easily.

In early 2022, Twitter introduced a new purple star verification badge to distinguish certain types of notable, authentic accounts on the platform. This new verification differs from the traditional blue checkmark associated with the verification system.

Purpose of the Purple Verification Badge

The purpose of the purple star badge is to verify accounts that Twitter deems an “Independent, authentic voice” in a specific field or interest area:


Accounts belonging to scientists in fields like mathematics, engineering, physics, environmental sciences, and medicine may receive the purple star badge. This allows readers to identify credible scientific voices on Twitter easily.


Professors, researchers, authors, journalists, and other prominent voices in academic fields may qualify for Twitter’s purple star verification. This badge helps signify informative, trustworthy accounts for certain topics.


Figures who are notable advocates for social causes, human rights, and marginalised communities may also obtain a purple badge. This makes it easier to find authentic perspectives on key issues.

Content Creators

Influential video creators, podcasters, authors, and artists may receive a purple star if they meet Twitter’s notability criteria. The badge enables fans to identify official accounts from their favourite creators.

Qualification Criteria

To qualify for the new purple star verification badge, accounts generally must:

  • Demonstrate expertise, authority, or notability in a focused interest area or field.
  • Be at risk for impersonation or identity confusion.
  • Have complete profiles with accurate, current information.
  • Be free from recent or ongoing violations of Twitter’s rules.

When reviewing Purple Star applications, Twitter may consider activity level, presence in other media, readership audience, and existing public recognition.

Verification Request Process

Those interested in receiving the purple star status must apply through Twitter’s self-serve verification portal. Twitter will review each application and make a case-by-case determination based on notability and eligibility.

There is no guarantee that all applications will be approved. Twitter might deny verification to accounts that don’t sufficiently demonstrate relevance, expertise, or authenticity.

Significance of the Purple Star

Ultimately, Twitter’s purple star offers readers a clear visual indicator of informative, influential accounts that the platform itself has authenticated.

This provides added context to help social media users evaluate content and determine which voices to follow for certain topics.

How To Turn Off the Purple Star on Twitter

Unfortunately, regular Twitter users cannot turn off or remove the purple verification badges from other accounts. The purple star is an indicator that Twitter has added to verify the expertise and authenticity of notable accounts on specific topics.

As an individual Twitter user, you do not have direct control over displaying verification badges on the platform. However, there are a couple of options if you wish to minimise the visibility of purple stars when using Twitter:

Mute or Block Verified Accounts

Rather than completely turning off the purple stars, you can prevent seeing them from specific accounts by muting or blocking those users.

For example, if there is a verified account tweeting content you don’t wish to see, mute or block them. This will remove their tweets and the purple star icon from your view.

Turn Off Twitter Notifications

Another option to minimise exposure to purple verified accounts is to turn off some Twitter notifications. Go to Settings > Notifications and turn off notifications for certain events, such as:

  • New Tweets from people you follow
  • Likes on your Tweets
  • Retweets of your Tweets
  • New followers

Turning off these alerts can clean up your notifications tab and reduce general activity from all accounts, including purple verified profiles.

This provides more control, so verified accounts you aren’t following are less likely to end up in your notifications tab unexpectedly due to likes, retweets, etc.

The purple stars will still show on those accounts’ Tweets, but you may see less in your notifications.


Twitter has implemented purple star verification to mark niche experts and authentic voices apart from general celebrities.

Users cannot remove the purple stars network-wide but hide badges on third-party platforms or mute specific accounts.

This new verification aims to identify authoritative perspectives, though additional controls may arise as the feature develops.

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