What Is Deafen On Discord? (Quick Answer) – 2023.

Deafen on Discord is a feature that allows users to mute all incoming audio, preventing them from hearing any sound from the server or direct messages.

This is particularly useful if you want to concentrate on something else while remaining connected to a voice channel.

To deafen yourself, click the headphone icon at the bottom of the Discord interface.

Below this article, we also discuss the differences between mute and deafened discord and how you can fix a server on deafened discord.

What Does It Mean To Deafen Someone On Discord?

When you “deafen” someone on Discord, it temporarily removes their ability to hear audio in a voice channel. This feature proves valuable in various situations, such as during a game where specific players need to discuss strategy without being overheard or in a large voice channel where muting a particular member benefits others.

To deafen someone on Discord, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the voice channel with the person you wish to deafen.
  2. Right-click on their name in the voice channel list.
  3. After clicking “Deafen [user name], you will see a confirmation dialog box.”
  4. Click “Yes” to confirm. The user will now be deafened and unable to hear any conversation in the voice channel.

Please note that only server administrators or users with appropriate permissions can deafen others in a Discord server. The deafened users can undraft themselves unless server settings prevent them.

What Is The Difference Between Mute And Deafened?

This feature ensures a harmonious audio environment in Discord voice channels, allowing everyone to speak and be heard. Discord’s “mute” and “deafen” options control audio differently.

1. Mute

Muting someone on Discord removes their ability to speak in a voice channel, but they can still hear others. If you mute yourself, you can’t send audio but can hear other channel members. This feature helps silence disruptive users or listen in on conversations without sending audio. To mute someone or yourself:

  • Enter the voice channel with the person you want to mute.
  • Right-click their name in the voice channel list (or your name for self-mute).
  • Click “Mute [user name]” (or “Mute [your name]”).
  • The user (or you) will be muted and unable to send audio in the voice channel.

2. Deafen.

On the other hand, “deafening” someone on Discord stops them from speaking and hearing others in a voice channel. If you deafen yourself, you stop receiving and sending audio.

This feature is useful when you want to focus on something else but stay connected to a voice channel or prevent a user from hearing and sending audio. To deafen someone or yourself:

Enter the voice channel with the person you want to deafen.

  • Right-click their name in the voice channel list (or your name for self-deafen).
  • Click “Deafen [user name]” (or “Deafen [your name]”).
  • The user (or you) will be deafened and unable to hear or send audio in the voice channel.

Ensure only server administrators or users with the correct permissions can mute or deafen others on a Discord server.

Can People Hear When You Deafen In Discord?

Imagine you’re on Discord and hit the “Deafen” button. Suddenly, it’s as if you’ve vanished into thin air. No one can hear a peep from you, and you can’t hear a thing either. It’s like entering a hidden sanctuary where all sound is muted.

When you deafen yourself, your microphone goes silent, and you also lose the ability to hear what others are saying.

It’s a complete audio blackout. But here’s the thing: this only applies to voice channels. Text chats and direct messages remain unaffected, so you can keep up with conversations through text.

So why would you want to deafen yourself? It’s handy when you want to stay connected in a voice channel but need peace.

It’s like pressing a mute button for the noise around you, allowing you to concentrate on whatever you need to get done.

Remember, you have complete control over when to deafen yourself, and only server administrators or users with the correct permissions can deafen others.

So embrace the power of deafening and create your audio oasis amid all the Discord chatter.

Muting Yourself On Discord Without Others Knowing.

In some situations, it is beneficial to mute your microphone on Discord without letting others in the channel know. Fortunately, this is a relatively easy task and can be done quickly. 

Find the Mute Button

Look at the bottom-left corner of your Discord application window. You’ll find a set of icons, one of which is a microphone. Clicking on this icon will mute your microphone.

Verify Your Mute Status

Once you’ve muted your microphone, the icon will turn red, indicating that your microphone is indeed muted. No one can hear you now, but you can hear others.

Keep it Secret

The critical thing to note here is that, unlike server-wide mutes or deafens, Discord does not notify other users if you mute yourself. Therefore, if someone scrutinizes your user icon for the red microphone indicator, they will know you have muted it.

Resume Conversation When Ready

When rejoining the conversation, click the red microphone icon again. It will return to its original color, demonstrating that your microphone is active again.

Remember, this process only mutes your microphone, meaning you won’t be able to speak, but you can still hear others. If you want to mute your microphone and headphones (i.e., deafen), click the headphones icon next to the microphone.

As with the mute function, others will not be notified when you deafen yourself, providing you with a perfect personal audio sanctuary amidst the Discord chatter.

How Do You Know If Someone Muted You On Discord?

Unfortunately, Discord does not directly notify you if someone has muted you. However, you can infer it based on specific behaviors.

Look for Response to Your Messages:

The first and most straightforward way to gauge if you’ve been muted is to observe whether your messages in a channel or direct messages are being responded to. If you often receive no responses, you may have been muted.

Check User Status:

If a person has muted everyone and you see their status as ‘Online’ but receive no reply to your messages, this could be a hint that you have been muted.

Observe Reaction to Your Voice:

Another method is during voice chats. If you notice that the participants ignore your contributions or talk over you during a voice chat, this suggests that you’ve been muted.

Direct Approach:

The most direct approach to knowing if you have been muted is asking the person. It might feel awkward, but it provides a clear answer.

These are just indicators and not definitive proof. The best approach is always to communicate openly and respectfully if you have concerns.

How Can I Fix The Server On Deafening Discord?

Sure, here’s a detailed step-by-step guide on how you can infer if someone has muted you on Discord:

Step 1: Observe Responses to Your Messages:

Monitor the reactions to the messages you post in a channel or direct messages. If you notice a consistent lack of responses to your comments or questions, it’s conceivable that you’ve been muted.

Step 2: Check User Status:

Take note of the user’s status. You’ve likely been muted if they appear ‘Online’ but do not respond to your messages while interacting with others.

Step 3: Pay Attention During Voice Chats:

During a voice chat, observe how others react when you speak. If other participants disregard your comments or continually speak over you, they might have muted you.

Step 4: Directly Ask the Person:

The most unambiguous way to figure out if you’ve been muted is to ask the person directly. It might be uncomfortable, but it guarantees clarity and can resolve misunderstandings.

Please note these are just indicators and may not confirm whether you have been muted. Clear, open, and respectful communication is always the best approach to address your concerns.


Determining if you’ve been muted on Discord involves paying close attention to how others engage with you, especially during voice chats and in response to your messages.

However, remember that these are only indicators and may not always accurately reflect whether you’ve been muted. The most direct and definitive approach is to ask politely.

Always remember that maintaining open, transparent, and respectful communication is critical to resolving misunderstandings and fostering a healthy community in digital platforms like Discord.


What happens when a user is deafened on Discord?

When a user is deafened on Discord, they cannot hear other members in a voice chat or speak. It’s a way to temporarily disconnect from the auditory part of a voice channel without leaving it.

How can someone tell if they have been deafened on Discord?

If you’ve been deafened on Discord, you will notice an icon next to your user name indicating the deafened status. It’s represented by a pair of headphones with a strike-through.

Can a person deafen themselves on Discord?

Yes, a person can choose to deafen themselves on Discord. This might be useful if they want to stay in a voice channel but must temporarily prevent incoming and outgoing audio.

How can I avoid getting muted or deafened on Discord?

The best way to avoid getting muted or deafened on Discord is to follow the guidelines and rules of each server you participate in. Ensure that your behavior is respectful and considerate to the other server members.

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