Will WhatsApp calls Show Up Busy If I Am On a Messenger Call?

No, WhatsApp calls will not appear as busy if you are on a Messenger call. These are two separate applications; one does not have access to the call status of the other. Therefore, if someone tries to call you on WhatsApp while you are on a Messenger call, they will not receive a busy signal.

What Happens If I Am On A WhatsApp Call And I Get A Regular Call?

While you are engaged in a WhatsApp call and receive a regular phone call, several things can happen depending on your phone’s settings and operating system.

Call Waiting Notification

If you have the call waiting feature enabled on your phone, you will be notified of the incoming traditional phone call during your WhatsApp call.

You’ll have the option to either reject the call, let it ring, or accept it. If you choose to accept the incoming call, your active WhatsApp call will be paused.

Phone Rings Normally

Sometimes, your phone may ring as usual while you are on a WhatsApp call. This can cause your WhatsApp call to be put on hold momentarily.

The caller on the other end of the WhatsApp call may hear a beeping sound, indicating that you’re receiving another call.

WhatsApp Call Disconnects (Specifically for Some iPhone Users)

Some iPhone users have reported that their WhatsApp call gets disconnected when they receive a traditional phone call.

This is not a universal experience and depends on the individual’s phone settings and iOS version.

If I Am On A Messenger Call, Will WhatsApp Calls Indicate That I Am Busy?

While using Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, it is common to question the status notification capabilities of these applications, especially when you are engaged in a call on one and receive a call on the other.

Here, we delve into what happens if you are on a Messenger call and someone tries to reach you through WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Call Notification

When you are on a Messenger call, and someone attempts to call you on WhatsApp, the caller will not receive a busy signal or any indication that you are on another call. Instead, it will ring as if you are available to answer.

WhatsApp Call Waiting

If the call waiting feature is activated in your WhatsApp settings, you’ll hear a beep indicating an incoming call.

However, this feature is only for an incoming WhatsApp call and doesn’t apply when you’re on a call in another application like Messenger.

No Shared Status Indication

It’s important to note that Messenger and WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, operate independently.

They do not share call status information, meaning your status in one app does not affect or display in the other.

If you are on a Messenger call, your WhatsApp status will not show you as “on a call.”

Managing Calls

If you receive a WhatsApp call while on a Messenger call, you have the liberty to ignore it, call back later, or hang up the Messenger call and answer the WhatsApp call. The decision is entirely up to you.

How Can We Know If Someone Is Busy On A WhatsApp Call?

There are a few signs to look out for to determine if someone is busy on a WhatsApp call. However, it’s important to note that WhatsApp doesn’t directly inform you if someone is on another call. Here’s a step-by-step guide.

Step 1. Attempt to Call the Person

The first indicator that someone is busy on a WhatsApp call is when you try to call them. If they are on another call, your call will not go through instantly. Instead, your screen will show ‘Calling’ before changing to ‘Ringing.’

Step 2. Pay Attention to the Ringing

This is a subtle clue. If the person is not on another call, the ‘Ringing’ notification will appear almost immediately after you initiate the call.

However, if they are on another call, there will be a slight delay before ‘Ringing’ appears, as your call will be waiting for the other call to end.

Step 3. Call Waiting Notification

If the person you’re calling has enabled the call waiting feature in their WhatsApp settings, and they’re on another call when you try to reach them, you’ll hear a standard dial tone. You’ll hear a busy tone if they still need to enable this feature.

Step 4. Repeated Failed Call Attempts

If your calls are not going through or ending abruptly, this could indicate that the person is busy on another call.

When Someone Is On A Normal Call, And I Call From WhatsApp, Why Does It Say That The Person Is Busy?

When a person is already on a standard call, and you try to contact them through a WhatsApp call, you may see a status indicating that the person is ‘busy.’

This is because most smartphones are unable to handle multiple simultaneous calls. When someone is engaged in a regular call, the network is already occupied by that conversation, leaving no capacity for additional calls, including those from WhatsApp, to connect.

As a result, WhatsApp recognizes this situation and automatically displays a ‘busy’ status. This feature informs the caller that the intended recipient cannot accept another call.

How To Know If Someone Is Busy On A WhatsApp Call?

Knowing whether a person is busy on a WhatsApp call can save time and prevent awkward interruptions. Here’s a simple guide on how you can find out if someone is busy on a WhatsApp call:

  1. Open WhatsApp: From your phone, navigate to the app drawer where apps are typically stored and tap the WhatsApp icon.
  2. Find the contact: Once inside WhatsApp, navigate to your contact list. Find and select the contact you want to call.
  3. Initiate the call: Tap the call button (the telephone icon) at the top of the contact’s chat window. This will initiate a WhatsApp call.
  4. Look for the status: Pay attention to the screen once the call is initiated. If the contact is busy on another WhatsApp call, you’ll see their status as ‘Busy’ on your screen.
  • If you get a voice message that the person is busy, it likely means they are on another regular call. If the call goes through but no one answers, the person might ignore it or be away from their device.

Remember that the ‘Busy’ status does not always mean the person intentionally ignores your call. They could be busy in a meeting, driving, or when they can’t attend the call.

How To Make Your WhatsApp Call Busy.

You could be on a call if you need to appear busy on WhatsApp. WhatsApp automatically displays a ‘busy’ status when you’re on a call to let others know you’re unavailable. Here’s how you can make your WhatsApp call busy:

  1. Ensuring You’re Online: First, you must be online on WhatsApp. Open WhatsApp and ensure your status is set to ‘Online.’ This step is necessary as WhatsApp only displays a ‘busy’ status when you’re active.
  2. Starting a Call: Next, you need to initiate a call. You can do this by opening a chat with one of your contacts and tapping the call button (the telephone icon) at the top. You can call any contact – it doesn’t have to be the person you want to appear busy to.
  3. Staying on the Call: Once the call is initiated, stay on the call. As long as the call is ongoing, your status will be displayed as ‘busy’ to others attempting to call you through WhatsApp.

Remember, the ‘busy’ status symbol is not a foolproof way to ignore calls, and it’s essential to communicate with your contacts if you cannot talk to them or prefer not to be disturbed.

How Do I Appear Busy On Messenger?

To appear “busy” on Messenger, you have a couple of options:

Turn off Active Status

This is the most straightforward method. If you disable your Active Status, you’ll appear offline to your contacts, even when you’re actively using Messenger.

To do this, Open Messenger, Tap three lines on the top left corner, and select “Setting.” You will see an option “Active Status.” Tap it and Turn it Off.

Mute Notifications

Muting notifications can give the impression that you’re busy. People may think you’re busy if you don’t respond to messages promptly.

You can mute notifications for a certain period or indefinitely. To do this, go to the settings in Messenger, navigate to the ‘Notifications & Sounds‘ section, and disable or adjust as needed.

Using ‘Do Not Disturb mode

If you don’t want Messenger notifications to disturb you, you can use your device’s ‘Do Not Disturb‘ mode. This will silence all notifications, and unless someone checks your activity, they may not know whether you’re online.


If you are on a Messenger call, it will not directly impact the status of WhatsApp calls. The two applications operate independently.

Hence, if someone tries to call you on WhatsApp while you’re preoccupied with a Messenger call, they will not hear a busy tone but will be directed to voicemail or face a no-response situation.

It’s essential to remember that each application has its settings to manage availability and active status, so using one does not inherently affect the other.


How can you tell if someone is actively talking to someone on Messenger?

Unfortunately, Facebook Messenger doesn’t allow you to see if someone is talking to another person on Messenger. It’s designed this way to respect the privacy of its users. However, you can see if someone is active by checking their active status or the last active time displayed under their name in your chat list.

Can you tell when someone is on a Messenger call?

No, you cannot tell if someone is on a Messenger call. Messenger provides no indicator or status indicating whether a user is engaged in a voice or video call. This is designed to maintain the privacy of the users’ activities on the app.

What does busy mean in Messenger calls?

If you’re trying to call someone on Messenger and it notifies you that the person is “busy” or “on another call,” it typically means that they’re either actively on a call with someone else or the app perceives that they’re engaged in another activity that prevents them from answering your call.

How to check if someone is online on Messenger when they appear offline?

If a contact appears offline on Messenger, there’s no built-in way to know if they’re online. This is because users can turn off their Active Status, which makes them appear offline even when using Messenger. However, if they interact with you through a message or participate in any group chats you share, those actions can indicate they’re online at that moment.

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